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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Whatever You do... Take Care of Yourself and Always Always Seek Change and Improvement!

Had to throw together a quick and light breakfast so I had something under the belt for the cold ride to Anytime Fitness.

So I plucked a small patty of the vegetable laden Ground Turkey Breast mix from the fridge container and sliced up one of the baked sweet potatoes and threw an egg into the midst....

I busted the yolk on the egg but this is still a beautiful and nutritious plate with some red grapes added for sweetness.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people doing in their lives today is living the Same Damn Life today that they did yesterday....

As my Wiser than his Years son said in his first published book, the time for change is.....


Lots of Baby Steps eventually amount to a Big Change.

Just call it Life Compounding!

Write a chapter on that one Aaron!

After a 5 mile ride to Anytime Fitness and 40 minutes of abs, calf raises, wide grip chins, one legged squats and an hour of vigorous Zumba with all the beautiful ladies of Santa Fe..... followed by a 5 mile ride back with a detour to NM Bike N Sport to pick up another bike tube, I arrived back at the casita on empty.

So I rustled up a pile of Veggies and Protein that was guaranteed to fill the Hole in my Soul!!!

That's a double fistful of Spring Mix, a tomato, 2 sliced radishes, a sprinkle of carrot sticks, a dicing of a beautiful Fuji Apple, 2 slices of TJ's Uncured Turkey Bacon, an 8 oz patty of ground turkey breast mix, a slice of monterey jack cheese and a boiled egg on top.....

I dressed this Mound of Culinary Madness with a generous dose of Balsamic and a drizzle of EVOO and a generous dusting of Salt, Pepper and TJ's 21 Spice Salute.....

The 2nd biggest mistake I see people making in Life is....

Not taking care of themselves.

You know the best way you can take care of yourself?

Eat Right!!!

Think I'll take a drive up NM 475 (aka Artist Point Rd aka Hyde Park Rd) to the Ski Basin..... I haven't been up there yet and last time up was in April 2010 on my Trek 1500 with an incredibly fast ride down.

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't provide the YouTube link to that historic downhill event.....

I'll be in a 2015 Corolla this time so it won't be quite as exciting but I'll probably enjoy the views a bit more along the way!

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