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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Capitol Building Botanical Garden and the White House

Got there just before they closed the street off in front of the White House.
Nice quick visit to our nation's capital but have to tell you.... It was hot...
95 degF in the late evening. Glad I made the visit but won't do it again in the Summer.

Capitol Building Part 1

Library of Congress Part 2

Library of Congress Part 1

Finished with work in Richmond Va so headed up to DC

Took the Metro subway into the Capital area

And came out just south of the Library of Congress and the Capital Building

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just Quit Eating!!

Kind of amazing to me the number of people I see waddling around. And before you get on your high horse and start hollering foul, let me say right off I'm not being judgmental or critical or think I'm better than anyone else or anything like that.

It's just fascinating to me that people continue to choose to be fat.

All you gotta do is....


Obviously, check with your doctor before beginning any diet but the point is just eat less.

Just don't eat anything for a day or 2.

Sound radical... Come on - people can go without eating for weeks.

Seriously, I don't mean starve yourself to death but just skip a few meals at least.

I was talking to this girl in one of my workout classes and she said she had been on this fruit only diet and she had lost 12 pounds on 1 week.

I've lost as much as 11 pounds in one week on a cabbage soup diet.

The point is that people have become accustomed to eating.... All the time....
And you don't have to.

Go to bed hungry one night.

See how it feels.

I guarantee you that you will wake up the next morning much more alert and feeling better than you did the day before.

Do that for a few days and then look at yourself in the mirror.

See? There's less of you than there was.

And that's a good thing.

If you start feeling really weak, have a banana and a glass of water.