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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Finishing up the competition...And the Winner Is.... Ska Brewery.... I like my Walmarts like this!

Here's Aaron Split Pressing a huge amount overhead.

And here's the lady's middleweight winner doing an amazing final lift...

And the middleweight winner.... a huge farm boy looking guy who came in with a pair of Black Dickie Jeans and put the hurt to the weights!

And Zia CrossFit's Eldon who is incredibly strong doing his last lift.

Middleweight Women winners.

Heavyweight Women....

Lightweight Men.... a bunch of Young Guns!

Middleweight Men with Zia's Eldon placing 2nd.

Afterwards, the Zia gang met at Ska Brewing!

I hada beautiful Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad and a 5 - 2 oz beer flight!

Some of the Zia gang...

Nice place to brew beer...

I like my Walmart to have Mountains in the background!

I gotta say....

Durango is pretty cool....

Another first place to visit for me....

What's that word I'm looking for....

Oh yeah.....


Strongman - Strongwoman Competition at CrossFit Durango - Holy Heavy Weights Batman!

CFD - CrossFit Durango hosted a Strongman - Strongwoman Competition today.

And there was a pretty good turnout with over 25 competitors and enough spectators to fill the Box.

I think my Stones are bigger than yours!

The men's middleweight and heavyweights had stones topping out at 265#.

That's a lot of Big Round Ball to pick up off the floor and run 30' with and then hoist over a 4' bar which was the first event.

A couple of Zia CrossFit ladies warming up.

Here's one of the lightweight (< 175#) competitors handling the first ball - 110#.

Lightweights had 110#, 145# and 175# stones.

Here's one of the Durango CrossFit guys, Aaron, dumping the stone over the bar.

I worked out with this guy Thursday night and he is a Beast!

And here's Zia CrossFit's own Tyson, a last minute stand-in, handling a huge stone.

Next event was the deadlifts.

Minimum weight for the lightweight men was 375# which I thought was ridiculous.....

And there were a couple of the lightweights that couldn't make a single rep.

And there were some some lifting some heavy deadlifts too!

Then came the final event - Power Cleaning this high and awkward cylinder over your head.

Crazy Competition!

Starting the Day Right with a Paleo Pile... Nectar of the Gods... City Market aka Mountain Kroger's

Gotta say.... That's a pretty bowl of goodness.

The usual Baby Spring Mix with tomatoes, radishes, carrot sticks with Apple Chicken Sausage and Diced Chicken Breast, a boiled egg and a handful of fresh blueberries.

Doused with Balsamic and just a slight drizzle of EVOO and a dusting of Salt and Pepper and Hot Madras Curry Powder.

One of the Most Beautiful Swirls in theWorld!

A Starbucks Cafe Americano with an Extra Shot highlighted with Turbinado Sugar, Honey, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and a splash of Half and Half.

About as close to Heaven on Earth you're gonna get!

My Go To Place for groceries..... City Market.... part of the Kroger brand.