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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Video shot 1/11/10 - Highlighting the Best of Sumner Lake State Park

Sumner Lake State Park is 16 miles north of Fort Sumner New Mexico. It's set in a remote area and exists because of the CCC project to build Sumner Dam in 1936 - 37. It is an anomaly of wet and dry in the Chihuahan Desert / Southern High Plains of New Mexico. This video shows the contrast of wet and dry. It was shot from the East Side Trail with the lake to the west and the arid reaches of rolling hills and draws to the east.


Video shot 1/11/10 - Quick Preparation for a Campfire Breakfast

Grilled Sausage, Green Chiles, Chili w/ Beans, Toasted Bread, Grilled Bologna and Eggs cooked in a Foil "oven" -

  • Cut a piece of foil 20" x 10"
  • Make a rim on it by crimping the edges.
  • Put the foil over the open fire and use a piece of bologna to "oil" the foil.
  • Break the eggs onto one end of the 20x10 foil.
  • Fold the foil over and crimp the edges to form a sealed "oven".
  • Cook for 3 - 5 minutes (depending on how hot the fire is).
  • Remove from fire.
  • Open the foil and enjoy perfectly cooked eggs.... courtesy of an open fire and a foil oven.



Video shot 1/19/10 - Protecting your hands while Hiking

This video talks about wearing gloves while you're hiking especially in rough and rocky terrain. I'm wearing a pair of mechanic's gloves.... really great for hiking because there's padding on both sides of the gloves to protect the palm and the back of the hand and fingers.


Video shot 1/19/10 - How To Video on some simple tips / precautions for Preparing for a Hike

Part 1 of this video highlights 2 simple tips for protecting yourself while hiking:

  1. Use Vaseline on your feet to reduce the risks of blisters.
  2. Tuck in your pants legs to reduce the risks of tripping.


Video Shot 1/16/10 - Riding the Dirt Roads between Anton Chico NM and Villanueva State Park

This was the evening I got lost in the maze of dirt roads between Anton Chico and Villanueva NM. I ended up on this dirt road going to nowhere.... all's well that ends well... about 3 hours after sunset I finally decided to shut it down and camp out for the night when along comes a truck full of young folks just riding around out in the middle of nowhere. They picked me up and carried me back out to I40 about 10 miles further west than where I had started that morning. Well..... I had to get lost at least once.


Video shot 1/14/10 - Highlights on the Shoreline Trail at Santa Rosa State Park and the Clothes I was wearing

At the end of the day I did a quick recap on the Shoreline Trail at Santa Rosa State Park, my Columbia Fishing Shirt, Columbia Hiking Shorts and Rocky Long Johns.... they were all Wills On Wheels Winners of the Day!


Video shot 1/14/10 - Changing Clothes with the Conditions

Continuing to adjust clothes to changing conditions to avoid sweating.


Video shot 1/14/10 - the many uses of Duct Tape!


How to Video on Clothing and Controlling Your Body Temp while Hiking

Discovering America on 2 Wheels - 1/14/10 - shot at Santa Rosa State Park - sorry for the low resolution video quality - shot it on my cell phone so I could send it to my blog.... bottom line is that you have to dress for changing conditions and continually adjust your clothing as the conditions change.


Video shot 1/11/10: Sunset over Sumner Lake

This was the view at sunset looking over Sumner Lake from the Eastside Campground Overlook.... made me realize why I was doing all this!


Video shot 1/11/10 - Sumner Lake East Side Trail - end of trail

this was a view of the Sumner Lake at the end of the East Side Trail.... the whole "bay" videoed was full of waterfowl - Canada Geese, Mallards, Mergansers, etc.


Video shot 1/11/10 - Sunrise at Sumner Lake State Park

Walking down to the edge of the lake at sunrise was a real treat.... between the honking of the Canada Geese and the quacking of the Mallards and the peeking of the Sun over the horizon and the crisp, coldness of the January morning.... all my senses were in high gear.... and ready for the wonderful treat that Mother Nature had laid before me!


Video shot 1/4/10 - Snyder Wind Farm

Snyder Wind Farm 8 miles east of Snyder Texas on Hwy 180... This was a Wind Turbine farm that sports the tallest wind turbines in the world on towers 345' tall.

Here's a link to more info about it:


Video shot 12/31/09 _ Lake Mineral Wells State Park - Penitentiary Hollow


Video Shot 12/31/09 - Lake Mineral Wells State Park - the sounds of Waterfowl leaving the Lake


Video Shot 12/31/09 - before Sunrise on Lake Mineral Wells


Video shot 12/30/09 - Lake Mineral Wells State Park at Sunset at Fishing Pier near the Park Store


Video shot 12/30/09 - Lake Mineral Wells at Water's Edge below Shelter #3


Video shot 12/30/09 - View of Lake Mineral Wells below my Campsite


Video shot 12/30/09 - Rest stop 7 mi east of Mineral Wells Tx on Hwy 180


Video shot 12/30/09 - on Hwy 180W between Weatherford and Mineral Wells Tx


Video shot 12/19/09 - Dinosaur Tracks in the Paluxy River at Dinosaur Valley State Park


Video from 12/18/09 - View of the Paluxy River from my campsite at Dinosaur Valley State Park


Video from 12/18/09 - Frozen Clothes at Dinosaur Valley State Park


Video from 12/14/09 just south of Evant Tx on Hwy 281N


Different Usernames - that's a problem so....

I've got accounts on Twitter, YouTube and now Blogger.... the problem is they all have different usernames.

I'm trying to get everything to be displayed as "WillsOnWheels" as the Username or "person".  I can change my Username on Twitter but not on YouTube.....

So I had to delete my YouTube account and create a new one with Username = "WillsOnWheels"....

It'll take me 15 minutes to get the Intro video reloaded on the new account.

Once I do I'll change the link to the Intro video on the prior post.

It would have been a lot easier to have set all the accounts up at the same time, but that's not how it happened... I didn't even know I was gonna "Discover America on 2 Wheels" 2 months ago....

Such is Life.... Live and Learn.... Die and Forget it All!

Rewind on my Bicycle Adventure so far - Downloading Videos of trip to YouTube and my Blog

I'm going back through all my files and selecting some videos to post to both YouTube and this blog.... so let's go Back to the Future and see what I saw....

Ok Family... and yes I'm

Ok Family.... and yes I'm talking to you... if you're still alive... raise your hand and respond... Can you find the video on YouTube and is it OK?  Does it get the message across?

Introduction to "Discovering America on 2 Wheels" video on YouTube

Here's a link to a video introducing my bicycle adventure and blog on YouTube.

Please check it out and let me know what you think:

I'll upload other selected videos of my trip and post those to YouTube also.

I'm also working on getting the connection to Twitter so that my blog posts are automatically acessible on Twitter but there appears to be a problem with the database / hardware so I'll continue to work on it.

I'll continue to upload selected

I'll continue to upload selected videos from my trip so far to YouTube. Tried to link blog w/ Twitter but the TwitterFeed site has a problem.

I've just submitted an Introduction

I've just submitted an Introduction video to YouTube... do a search for "Discovering America on 2 Wheels". Let me know what you think!

Test 2 to Twitter

Working on Blog link to Twitter

I've been working on the set-up for my posts to go straight to my Twitter account.... we'll see if it works.

Life Returns to the Tidal Marsh


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Preparing to Ride Part 8


Preparing to Ride Part 7


Preparing to Ride Part 6


Preparing to Ride Part 5


Preparing to Ride Part 4


Preparing to Ride Part 3


Preparing to Ride Part 2


Preparing to Ride Part 1


Welcome to New Readers - How to Use this Blog

If you're a new reader I want to welcome you to Discovering America on 2 Wheels.

Here's a quick recap of my adventure so far.... on 12/6/09 I left Lake Jackson Tx on a Trek 3700 Mountain Bike with an 8-gallon Action Packer with 25# of gear in it bolted to a seat post mounted rear rack and shouldering a backpack with 35# of gear in it and took a route up 36 turning west at Rosenberg on Alt 90 through Eagle Lake then taking Hwy 102 to I10 to 71W to LaGrange then Bastrop State Park then McKinney Falls State Park and then past Austin to Marble Falls and a first "2-day rest stop" at Inks Lake State Park just north of Marble Falls Tx.

My route continued out of Inks Lake State Park east on Hwy 29 to 281N in Burnet. I continued up 281N but was delayed a couple of days in Hamilton Tx. I cracked a rear rim on my bicycle and had to have a new one UPS'd in. From Hamilton I took 281N to Hico Tx where I transitioned to Hwy 67 with another stop in Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glenrose Tx. After leaving DVSP, I overnighted in Burleson before the push to the Leg 1 final destination - North Richland Hills Tx - a northeast suburb of Ft Worth which I reached on 12/19.... 510 miles in 13 days.

I stayed with my son, stored my bike and backpack in NRH and rode back down to Lake Jackson for Christmas. I visited the LJ Verizon Wireless Store and came out up to speed on the latest wireless technology with an LG Env3 (chosen for ease of use, LG reliability and QWERTY keyboard) with VZW Navigator and a Gateway Netbook w/ a VZW card built in.

I returned to NRH with my son after Christmas, created the concept and the blog for Discovering America on 2 Wheels and populated the blog with the text, message and commentary from the first leg which amounted to about 150 posts. I learned how to link my cell phone to my blog so that my text, pics and video would be sent to it wirelessly real time.

On 12/29, I began Leg 2 by leaving Fort Worth in the snow and began a due west route on 180 with a first stop of Weatherford. I then cycled to Lake Mineral Wells State Park and spent 3 days there exploring the beautiful lake shore trails. I mailed all my camping gear from the Mineral Wells Post Office to the Muleshoe Tx PO near the New Mexico border because the next 300 miles would be spent in motels. My trip down 180W went by in 60 mile increments with stays in Breckenridge, Anson and Snyder where I picked up Hwy 84 to Lubbock and then Muleshoe Tx where I learned a labeling error on my part had resulted in the Muleshoe PO returning my camping gear to Lake Jackson!

Adapt and Overcome.... after some quick thinking and research, I realized the best course of action was to buy new camping gear in Clovis NM which I did before continuing to Sumner Lake SP near Ft Sumner NM where I stayed at a beautiful park on a man-made lake in the Chihuahan Desert of New Mexico waking every morning to the sounds of quacking Mallards and honking Canada Geese.

I took a back road route over a caliche road from Sumner Lake SP to Santa Rosa NM. I was expecting to camp out at Santa Rosa SP but a "blackout" due to budget cuts closed the NM State Parks on 1/14 and 1/15.

I left Santa Rosa bound for Villanueva State Park but made an error in attempting to access the park from the east from Hwy 84 through a labyrinth of dirt roads between Anton Chico and Villanueva State Park.... I got lost for the first time but was rescued by a truck load of young folks and transported back to I40 where I resumed my westerly trek before turning north on Hwy 3 to Villanueva State Park.... the best kept secret in the New Mexico State Park System... nestled in a sandstone canyon on the Pecos River, this park was amazing in the rugged beauty it held in its small footprint. I was the only one in the park and enjoyed the solitude of hiking the rim trails on both sides of the canyon before departing on the final 50 miles to Santa Fe.

Stiff head winds on I25 prevented me from reaching Santa Fe but I overnighted in a wonderful Baptist retreat - the Glorieta Convention Center... nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains at 7400' elevation. On 1/21 I cruised the final 25 miles into Santa Fe and my destination for the end of Leg 2.

My wife flew into Albuquerque and met me in Santa Fe where we re-discovered the highest elevation state capital in the United States and its unique variety of Old and New cultures. I left my bicycle and backpack in storage in Santa Fe and we flew out of Albuquerque on 1/24 and returned to Lake Jackson.

Since then I have been working on gaining corporate sponsorship for my continuing bicycle trek across America. I will be returning to Santa Fe in the near future to look for a home there and get going on Leg 3.... Leg 3 will either be a "wagon wheel" around Santa Fe.... it is at the center of many natural wonders and dramatic scenery from one of the latest National Park additions at Valles Caldera National Reserve - already known as "the Yellowstone of the Southwest" to the ancient cliff dwellings of Bandelier National Monument to the red cliffs and desert of Jemez Springs and the snow-capped Redondo Peak.

The other alternative to Leg 3 is an 1150 mile run down the Historic Route 66 now I40 from Santa Fe NM to Los Angeles CA with a detour at Flagstaff to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
So that brings you up to date.... the details of everything described above along with hundreds of pictures and a number of videos are contained in the 900+ posts to the blog.

I hope you enjoy this site.... its imagery and commentary.... it comes from a heart of passion for the great outdoors and a deep appreciation of this country and the people in it.... who have welcomed me with open arms, helping hands and warm and friendly conversation.

As you scroll down on the blog, the list of 2010 post titles are displayed at the right. The dates of the post are not displayed but once you click on one the date will be noted on the post.... once a post is accessed, you can scroll down and click on "Older Post" or "Newer Post" to go forward or back in time from the post that was accessed or just click on another post title to the right.

You can become a follower by setting up or using an existing Username and Password from a Google or Yahoo account. Once you "Sign In" at the top right, you can click on the "Follow blog" prompt and provide the inputs requested to become a follower.

Please submit "Comments" and suggestions on the blog.... I am trying to turn this blog and the adventure that generates it into a new career so your comments, likes and dislikes are important to the development of this site and my own future success.

As you'll see if you read a few of the blogs, it is a combination and variety of anything and everything that I encounter in my winter trek across America on a bicycle. It is a journey of Discovery in more ways than can be captured in the text and pictures which wall paper this blog.

I hope you'll ride with me on this butt numbing, thigh screaming, lung busting, snow laden, irreverent, humbling, impassioned, introspective, mystical and magical search for the best things in life....a once in a lifetime thrill ride I call

Discovering America on 2 Wheels.

Later today, I'll fill you

Later today, I'll fill you in on my discussion w/ Don Wolfe and upload the videos I did this morning and some other pics I took today.

Back at the hacienda... what

Back at the hacienda... what a great day! Met a guy named Don Wolfe while I was down at Surfside... looked like the 4th member of ZZ Top...

Roseate Spoonbills, Ibises, Willets, Egrets and Yellow Crowned Night Herons in the Tidal Marsh

along the beach in Surfside

Surfside was hard hit by Hurricane Ike destroying many seaside homes and eroding at least 75 - 100' of beach... Rebuilding and recovery continue...

Heading back... but it is beautiful out here!

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Yes...Waiter... I have a reservation for one...

Yes... that granite table over there...

With a view of the Gulf...

No thanks...don't need a menu... brought my own...

I'll be having jalapeno sausage and cheese kolaches washed down with hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll for dessert...

oh and could you turn up the sunshine please....

it's a little nippy out here a 1/2 mile in the Gulf!

OK... now it's just me and the gulls...

... just the way I like it!

Ok... make that 3 adventurous souls...

Surfside Beach

...and the tide is out.... way out!

Am I the only one here?

Nope... there's one other adventurous soul out here!

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OK MacGiver!

I stopped at the Valero Corner Store to pick up some food and hot chocolate and wanted to drink my HC out on the jetties so I duct taped the lid on... and away we go...have I mentioned I never go anywhere without duct tape? Now I remember why!

the Gulf of Mexico

Man.. this north wind has slicked the Gulf down flat as a pancake... it looks like a lake...and that Sun hitting it makes it look like a great snowy glacier... you know there's beauty in everything... sometimes you just have to open your eyes.

Intracoastal facing northeast

View of the Intracoastal Canal from the Surfside Bridge - facing southwest

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There's the Surfside Bridge!

You know... after going over what I've been over for the last 6 weeks...somehow... it just doesn't look that big anymore...I guess my perspective has changed... probably a good thing...

Saltgrass Bait and Tackle

...where I buy my live shrimp when I fish the jetties...No... not today!

Low tide in the salt water marshes leading to Surfside

Where's that been all my life?

... been up and down this road for 25 years... and never noticed that... guess I've slowed down a little... enough to notice stuff like this...probably a good thing...

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Well... I don't think I'll be needing that...

Bucee's Bathrooms

One of the things that have set Bucees apart from the rest of the gas station / convenience store pack is their bathrooms... they're beautiful... wish I had a bathroom this nice at my house... and they're always clean...No wonder they continue to expand throughout Texas... people see a Bucees sign and they just pull in... if for nothing else, just to gawk at the bathrooms!

stopping @ the Bucee's @ 523 and 332

Missed Sunrise at the Jetties...

I elected to do a few video segments on prep'g for a ride... but I'm enjoying my ride down 332 w/ the sun rising dramatically behind a drifting landscape of clouds... it's gonna be a Great Day!

Headin' for the Gulf of Mexico!

...sounds dramatic... and epic... but it's only 13 miles down the road... but it's neat to ride out on the jetties!

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I almost forgot!

There was another reason I got up early this morning... beside jotting down my thoughts on HOW YOU DO A CROSS COUNTRY BICYCLE ADVENTURE....

I'm gonna ride my spare mountain bike down to the Surfside Jetties and Beach and watch the sun come up.... and check out the wildlife....

Gulls, ducks, porpoises.... people fishing.... sound of the waves crashing on the Granite Blocks that make up the jetties....

It's one of my little places of peace and solitude in my hometown area.... funny how many people that live here have never walked out to the end of the jetties....

Maybe it's not their thing.... Maybe they're missing something....

Sometimes you don't have to ride halfway across the country to have a satisfying adventure.... sometimes it's just a few miles down the road....

But you gotta....

Get Out and Get In It!

It Don't Happen Indoors!

Good Saturday Morning.... and Welcome to...

Discovering America on 2 Wheels!

How Do I Do Something Like This.....Assuming you're crazy enough to want to!

If you're reading this blog, you probably have some interest in bicycle riding or outdoor adventure or me or none of the above....

But let's assume for the sake of argument that you're thinking about doing something like this in the future.... taking a cross country trek on your bicycle.

How do you get started?

How do you do it?

What knowledge, experience, equipment, planning and preparation is required?

I mean your mind might have a problem wrapping itself around the concept of taking off on your bicycle and just riding day after day and overnighting in State Parks and Motels and sometimes at the only places available... like a guy's front yard or the back of a convenience store.

Well, before you dive off into that ocean, let me make a suggestion.... TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME!

First of all, let me qualify a few things....
  • This is the first time I've done this.
  • I am not an expert on this subject.... as it says in my profile, I'm a semi-retired chemical engineer.... I'm not a professional outdoor adventurer, cyclist, Survivor contestant or Superman.... I'm just a 47 year old guy with a passion for the outdoors who likes to ride his bicycle who decided to do this thing...
  • What I've done and what I'm doing would be considered by most reasonable folks as inherently risky and dangerous.... and I don't totally disagree.... but so is driving a car.... and walking across a wet floor.... and walking down a flight of stairs.... the point is that much of Life is about Managing Risks and Making Good Decisions in whatever you're doing.... and there are ways to do that.... even when you're riding your bicycle across the country.... alone.... in the dead of winter.... Ok I'll stop there... I've almost talked myself out of Leg 3..... Nah... I'm just kidding... you get the point!
  • None of what I'm about to say in the posts that follow is an endorsement or recommendation to DO WHAT I'VE DONE... it's just an explanation and description of WHAT I'VE DONE & HOW I DID IT.... so as I said on another post on a different subject.... Buyer Beware!  Travel at your own Risk!  Posted - No Trespassing! .....
With all that said, I'm gonna proceed with the posts on What I Did laid out in titles prompted by the letter "P" as follows:

  • Past Experience - you gotta have some from a variety of different areas - Bicycle Riding, Hiking, Camping Out, Logistics of Trip Planning, Internet Access and Use.... and lots of other stuff.  If you don't have some experience at doing something like this, you have to get it and that will take time....
  • Plan - What? Geez you mean you have to have a plan to do something like this? I can't just throw some stuff on my bike and in my backpack and take off (I unintentionally made it sound like that's what I did in my Introduction Letter that I sent out to quite a few folks... but there was a lot more to it than that...)  Yes, you need a Plan.... for everything.... and then you need a back up plan... or the flexibility and ability to change that 1st Plan when it doesn't work or something goes wrong.... so yes, you have to do your homework and you must have a documented plan...
  • Prepare - Oh Boy... this guy is really getting boring now.... I've got to Plan and Prepare....Yes, you gotta make the list, check it twice, figure out who's..... sorry that's somebody else.... You gotta prepare and think about "What if" scenarios.... you gotta test your Plan, your Equipment, your Approach and Yourself.... that's part of the Preparation.... and there's much more....
  • Pull the Trigger - Once you've done the preceding and taken out a 2nd life insurance policy and notified your next of kin....and checked everything out and got your wife's approval and your kids' sarcastic sneer and a lick from the dog and waved at the Postman... then you gotta go... you gotta leave... you gotta roll down the driveway and start.... your own adventure.
  • Pay Attention to Details - "It would have been fine except for..... If I'd've only thought of ..... Man I wished I'd...." - Yeah Yeah Yeah.... coulda woulda shoulda .... once you get out on the road, you're gonna have to pay attention to what you're doing... to your surroundings .... whether you're on the road actually riding or getting off your bike or walking into a convenience store or setting up camp at a state park or hiking down a trail or talking to someone or any one of 1000 things you'll do, encounter or process on any given day.  Get used to it... you don't pay attention to the details.... and you'll end up paying attention to the details ... in a way you don't want to!  I keep a little 3x5 "Composition Book" and pen in my pocket all the time and I'm continuously jotting down notes throughout every day.... OK - you're probably thinking "Anal Retentive" about now.... Fine.... Whatever.... I told you I'm just telling you what I did .... what works for me.... you figure out what works for you.... there's more than one way to do things.... but in the end analysis.... you're gonna have to Pay Attention to the Details!
  • Put Yourself into a Daily Routine - a Routine.... a Routine you say!  Heck - that's what I was trying to get away from.... I'm out here on the Road baby!  I'm Free!  Routine! Routine! ... I don't need no Stinking Routine!  Well, guess what?  You do... let me explain....  It doesn't matter if you're waking up in a motel, at a State Park or wherever.... you gotta be somewhat organized about how you begin, progress through and end each day.... you know what I mean.... you can't just do stuff randomly... well I guess you can but you'll probably end up wasting a lot of time in pain and anguish looking for something or being cold or being lost or hungry or standing at some undisclosed place without something you need.  I've already posted several times about my routine when I first get up at a state park in cold weather.... 1) I brush my teeth (I do this the first thing in the morning no matter where I'm at - just one of them things); 2) I get a fire going; 3) I put coffee water on to boil...... I do that same thing every morning I wake up at a state park... that's the beginning of a daily routine.... it starts my day right.... for me.... for you it may be something different and there's a lot of "routine" things that follow that... I'll tell you about it.
  • Pedal....Pedal....Pedal.... don't quit Pedaling.... Persevere!..... don't get discouraged... don't listen to the Naysayers.... just Pedal!  I'm not sure where this one fits in.... but the bottom line is that you're not in a car.... you're not on a motorcycle.... you're not floating through the air on a Southwest 737.... you're on a bicycle.... the bicycle don't move unless you put some effort into it .... unless you expend some energy.... unless you pedal.... for long periods of time.... like hours.... like all day long sometimes.... if you've got a plan, then you probably have a goal or a destination for each day you're on the road.... sometimes that goal is attainable and sometimes it's not.... sometimes the weather won't let you get there.... sometimes your body won't.... but you've got to 10's of thousands of times.... so get used to it!
  • Pause... Hang on - you just got me jacked up to Pedal....Pedal....Pedal... now you say Pause! What's that about?  Well it's part of the Pedaling and it's part of the Process.... you gotta Stop and Smell the Roses.... I didn't see any Roses in my 1250 miles between Lake Jackson Tx and Santa Fe NM.... probably cause it was in the dead of winter... but if I had.... I would've stopped.... to take a whiff.... and a picture!  I probably paused too much.... but Geez - that's what it's all about.... I hadn't been to most of the places I was riding by and through .... it was all new and wonderful to me... and I was curious and amazed and delighted.... so I paused a bunch.... to go in and check it out.... to take a pic, to send a text message, to share, to absorb, to visit, to eat..... Oh My Goodness..... did I forget to talk about eating.... Heck if you don't eat.... you can't pedal.... and if you're pedaling a lot.... like several hours per day.... you're gonna have to get used to pausing to eat.... at least every hour to hour and a half.... I'll talk about this in a lot more detail.....
  • Practice taking care of Yourself!  Just cause you're out on the road or in a State Park doesn't mean you can't take care of yourself.... Do the Shower thing.... Do the Spit Bath thing in the restroom of the Convenience Store.... take your Vitamins.... take your medicine.... eat good nutrional food.... monitor yourself (how do you feel? how do you look?) .... get your sleep.... stay in contact with your family.... pray if that's what you're used to doing.... meditate if that's what you're used to doing.... wake up in the middle of the night and go stand out under the stars and Howl at the Moon!.... whatever.... this is supposed to be an experience that makes you better in every way.... it's not supposed to be something that turns you into something resembling a homeless person or worse!
Wow.... I had intended just to throw some Outline points out there and I ended up running off at the mouth.... again!

There's actually a lot more flesh to the bones above and I'll spend the next few days filling in the details...

It's not just for you.... it's for me too.... I gotta start getting ready for Leg 3....

What better way to do it than document the Do's and Don'ts I learned from Leg 1 and 2?

See ya!