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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Strongman - Strongwoman Competition at CrossFit Durango - Holy Heavy Weights Batman!

CFD - CrossFit Durango hosted a Strongman - Strongwoman Competition today.

And there was a pretty good turnout with over 25 competitors and enough spectators to fill the Box.

I think my Stones are bigger than yours!

The men's middleweight and heavyweights had stones topping out at 265#.

That's a lot of Big Round Ball to pick up off the floor and run 30' with and then hoist over a 4' bar which was the first event.

A couple of Zia CrossFit ladies warming up.

Here's one of the lightweight (< 175#) competitors handling the first ball - 110#.

Lightweights had 110#, 145# and 175# stones.

Here's one of the Durango CrossFit guys, Aaron, dumping the stone over the bar.

I worked out with this guy Thursday night and he is a Beast!

And here's Zia CrossFit's own Tyson, a last minute stand-in, handling a huge stone.

Next event was the deadlifts.

Minimum weight for the lightweight men was 375# which I thought was ridiculous.....

And there were a couple of the lightweights that couldn't make a single rep.

And there were some some lifting some heavy deadlifts too!

Then came the final event - Power Cleaning this high and awkward cylinder over your head.

Crazy Competition!

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