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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lunch at the Top.... Bushwhacking Down and Out!

One of the hiking group allowed me to use their hiking poles and it made all the difference in the world....

Saving my injured heel and both knees.

I'll never be without them again!

Hello Mr. Horny Toad!

Up through the trees....

And a beautiful open area at the top which was a perfect place for lunch with a view!

Another wonderful hike with the Santa Fe Hiking Meet up Group.

I love it!

Into the Blue and Green - Hike Pics Part 2

Up from Canyon Road into the Sangre de Cristos above Santa Fe....

Hard to believe, this terrain is just minutes from the city below.

Part of the reason why living in Santa Fe is so attractive.

With Dave leading and with enough stops to enjoy the different flora and fauna of the area....

This tree had a interesting formation on one of the branches.

Santa Fe Hiking Group - this week's hike part 1... A little prep makes for a better experience!

Part of the fun in any outdoor experience is the preparation.

Matching what you take with you with the weather, terrain, altitude, duration of the event.

For a 4 hour hike at 10000', there's a few things I have to get together.

And I want a light but nutritious breakfast.

This is a bowl of nuts and dried fruit, fresh banana with cinnamon and a slice of TJ's Uncured Pastrami.

Salty, Sweet, Crunchy, Soft - Fruit, Nuts and Meat -

Yum Yum!

And for snacks and lunch on the trail....

How about a couple of small sandwiches with grilled kalamata olive bread and pastrami....

With Honey Mustard and a slice of tomato with a lot of seasoning.....

A bag of nuts, dried fruit and a couple of Ritter's Milk Chocolate squares and a banana round out the trail food.

Meetup of the Hiking Group.

And a carpool up Canyon Road to the Audubon Center....

And we're on the trail.... literally 5 mins from the Plaza.

To another day of beautiful terrain, beautiful weather and beautiful people.