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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nice drive so far.... My 80s... The desert is green!

ACDC - one of my favorite songs of theirs. Played in my PIYO strength class on Monday.

I wanna be a Karma Chameleon!

Texas to New Mexico to Texas....

Full Circle.

Wet spring in New Mexico makes for a green desert!

Yeah.... Despite all my setbacks and all my faults...

I'm still....

Eating on the Road!

Aaaaah.... The 80s....

My best decade.

Leaving Amarillo.

O Texas you're so Far Away from Me!

Never start a day without this!

20 degrees and 1000 miles...

That's the difference between Santa Fe and Lake Jackson.

On the Road again!

Yep.... back to my past...

But not without a last stop!

At the Santa Fe Baking Co!

2 of my Santa Fe favorites...

Peach, apple and raisin strudel and Black Lightning coffee.

Dammit! Gonna miss the SF bandstand!

Oh well.... Maybe I can get back in time to see some of it.

Meanwhile it's time to Vamanos!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Cooking the last of the food and cleaning and loading

It's really hard to leave life in Santa Fe, but I've got some unfinished business in Texas and I need to get my  knee checked out by some doctors in Lake Jackson and Houston.

Throwing everything into 1 pot.... Sweet Basil chicken sausage, ground turkey breast mix, sweet onion, red bell pepper, yellow squash, baked sweet potato, carrot sticks.

Threw the Spring Mix, tomatoes and carrots,  mixed nuts and raisins in another container.

Made a gravy sauce in with the veggies and meat and served over mashed potatoes.

Cleaning up the kitchen....

Everything is packed in the Mustang.

Red Mule on back of the Red Stallion.

Good bye  Santa Fe....

Riding my way home

This is where they have the Farmer's Market and Artisan Market every weekend.

The Santa Fe Railyard...

The Rail Trail ends at Montezuma and looking to the left is the Sanbusco Plaza.

A view down Sandoval.... that's the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the background.

Looking down San Francisco toward the Plaza.

Riding around the Plaza...

And the Famous La Fonda....

The Mercado at the Governor's Palace.

My go to Dance Club.... the Blue Rooster on Marcy and  Lincoln.

Even office buildings look adobe in Santa Fe.

There's those trout again....

Almost home.