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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

From Lowlands Lifter to High Plains Drifter!

It's been a while since I posted any Selfies....

So I decided to post a few from the last few months.

This pic is from the Fraser Rec Center in Fraser / Winter Park Colorado in September 2014.

Same with this pic.

And another one from Winter Park in September.

This is a Non - Workout, i.e. Non Pumped state in my hotel room in Bozeman MT in October 2014.

This is a shot during a workout at Family Fitness in Lake Jackson Tx in November 2014.

Same day in the locker room.

During a workout at Family Fitness in December 2014.

Last Saturday morning in my Casita in Santa Fe NM

After a PIYO (Pilates - Yoga) group exercise class at Anytime Fitness in Santa Fe NM on Monday morning.

So there's a span of about 5 months.....

Has my body changed during that time? 


I have been eating more protein..... more veggies..... more fruit and nuts.... more of everything Paleo.

My goal has been to gain lean muscle mass and strength..... at 52 years of age.

How am I doing that?

By eating meals like this....

Lots of well seasoned food....

Always a base of fresh vegetables....

With lean protein.... nothing leaner and with more protein than ground turkey breast.

This is my special souped up mix with lots of veggies like red bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, sweet onion and carrot sticks.

Want something sweet?  How 'bout a Fuji Apple?

Diced and sauted in a hot cast iron skillet right alongside the turkey.

Dress the salad with balsamic vinegar and EVOO and season liberally with salt and pepper.

Need some more protein?

How about 2 well seasoned eggs over medium?

Dish without eggs....

Add the 2 eggs and you have a huge pile of well seasoned fruit, veggies, meat and eggs!

Put all that down 3 times a day and ride a bike an hour a day at 7200' elevation and knock out a few Zumba and PIYO sessions and 3 CrossFit workouts....

And you will change your body.....

For the better!

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  1. Make up for lack of selfies with selfies. Makes sense