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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Well... That was Fun!

BJ and Will did show up and it turned out to be a great session.

After a marathon warm-up....

We did a 9 min AMRAP followed by a max ground to overhead.

I was 2 Power Snatches short of 3 full rounds and maxed out at 165 on the G2OH.

Next group moves through the AMRAP.

And I made it back to the casita.... quite a bit easier than the ride there.... roads were cleared thanks to the snow plows.

One passed me while I was coming back down Agua Fria.... I had to pull over as small boulder sized snowballs careened off the plow into my path.

I fell in behind the line of cars following the snow plow.....

From 4"of snow on the road to a drainage ditch.

Who says you can't ride in the snow?

Ok.... that was Fun....

And Stupid!

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