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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

After battling IT problems all day and a max bench press / pull-up / jump-rope-athon.

It felt good to ride the 2.5 miles uphill along Agua Fria to the casita and fix a huge bowl of spring mix, tomato, radish, carrots, boiled egg, chicken breast, turkey meat loaf, sweet potato and kale.

Add a Java stout in a cold glass and you've got a fitting end to a trying day.

Back at Zia CrossFit, we were doing some max work:

Max Bench Press - I topped out at 225.
Max Weighted Pullup - I did a full pullup with 75# hanging on me.

And then max reps at 85% of max which was 8 reps with 190#.

And then 250 double unders.... only I can't do double unders....

So I ended up doing 750 single unders.... that's a lot of jump rope!

Some days the best outcome is to lose as little as possible..... or just hold to what you got!

This was one of those days.

Still at the end of the day I end up with a full belly and a warm bed.

Come to think of it....

It was a good day.

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