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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm torn up... Sore and at the Bottom... What's the solution? Eat More Sleep More.... And Keep Lifting Heavy!

Can't see the workout... I blurred the pic but the Strength portion was 5x5 at 75% of max on Push Presses.

I got 2 sets with 155# and 3 sets with 135#.

These people at Zia definitely know how to lift heavy.

Then a 7 min WOD of:
5 reps of 95# Overhead Squats
10 reps of defiicit pushups
15 double unders or 45 single unders.

I got 3 rounds and 4 reps on the 4th set of overhead squats....

Which put me at the bottom of the list again.

I asked one of the Olympic Lifters what I needed to do.....

He said....

Eat More!

Sleep More!

So that's what I'm doing....

A bowl full of salad with tomatoes, carrots, onion and jalapeno

With the whole package of BBQ pulled chicken breast.... that's 16 oz!

And a skillet full of parsnip, sweet potato and kale.

Full platter of food with some mixed nuts and dried fruit sprinkled on top with some cognac on the side....

That oughta take care of the pain.

New Mexico is presenting quite a challenge in everything....

But I'm not giving up.

More Steam Boiler Room....

Full Speed Ahead!

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  1. I've got a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell