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Sunday, February 22, 2015

More of Lake Jackson Tx vs Santa Fe NM

Ok.... I slept on it and came up with a few more things on comparisons of my old home town, Lake Jackson Tx vs Santa Fe NM.....

Architecture.... This brings to mind a conversation I was having with a friend of mine before I left Lake Jackson.  I told him I was planning on going to Santa Fe NM and asked him what he thought of Santa Fe. He responded:

"I like Santa Fe... but everything looks the same".

He was referring to the burnt orange Adobe structures that dominate the landscape of architecture of Santa Fe.

And I have to agree.... but that is Santa Fe.... it's a historic look that luckily has been preserved....

And it's part of the appeal  IMHO.

Lake Jackson.... well it's a town that was created for the chemical industry in World War II.  That is its history.  It's architecture is nameless.... it is the next big thing.... or the last big thing.  It has no identity and a history based on a need for industry.

Not good Not bad... just is.

Art and Culture.... Do I need to even talk about this?  Ok.... Lake Jackson is 60 miles south of Houston which arguably is an Art and Culture center of the South.  But Lake Jackson itself.... sorry.

Santa Fe NM is known for its art and culture..... the High Desert and Mountains transition have inspired artists for thousands of years beginning with the Indians that inhabited this region and continuing through the era of Georgia O'Keeffe and into the modern day.

Outdoor activities.... this is kind of a tough one.... because Lake Jackson is only 12 miles from the Gulf of Mexico which provides a lot of opportunities for the outdoorsman..... Bay fishing, offshore fishing, river fishing.  The wetlands and bottomland hardwood forests that abound as part of the San Bernard and Brazos Rivers converging on the Gulf of Mexico make it a hunter's paradise for duck, hog, deer, dove, quail, etc hunting. The rivers provide a muddy canvas for lots of water sports.

Haven't had an opportunity to indulge in the outdoor activities in Santa Fe but suffice it to say that this is a true mecca for North American Big Game hunting with some of the best elk and mule deer hunting in the lower 48 states within a radius of 100 miles of here.  Mountain Biking, Hiking, Skiing, Camping Out, Exploring.... you name it..... you're kind of at a crossroads for all of that.

So I guess it just depends on what you want and what climate and terrain you want to do it in.

Oh yeah.... one more thing....

Warm floors!

A commonly used method for heating in Santa Fe is radiant heating through the floor.

I gotta say I love it because instead of having hot air blowing out through a vent on your face, you feel the warmth on your feet as you walk across the floor.

So there's some more data for ya!

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