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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Getting ready for a Saturday Morning Battle... A Fight Gone Bad! 2nd Street Brewery Recovery Meal!

Light PreWorkout Meal:

Soft boiled egg

Just enough protein, carbs and fat to get you through an intense workout and not so much that you get that bloated "Ooh I ate too much" feeling during your workout.

Armoring up the knees with a fresh batch of Kinesiology Tape.

Does it work?  


And even if it didn't, it looks f'g cool!

After a pretty rigorous warmup, our Sadist Leader of Zia CrossFit, BJ Monger, comes up with a WOD called "Fight Gone Bad".

You see the specs below and 3 rounds..... total reps and calories is your score.

Zia CrossFit is a pretty big place and BJ laid out the battleground for Fight Gone Bad perfectly.

My partner, Duane, in the wicked shorts is preparing to start his Fight.

WallBalls was the first punch...

I ended up near the low end of the totem pole with a total of 205 but my bad ass partner, Duane, knocked off Eldon, another Bigger Bad Ass, by a single rep with a total of 307 vs 306!

It was freaking amazing watching Duane move tactically and strategically through  his 3 rounds.

One of the most challenging and intense workouts I have done!

I met some of the Zia folks at Second Street Brewery at Second Street (it's called that cause there's a Second Street Brewery at the Railyard too!) for a post workout beer and recovery meal.

I had the house Brown Ale and  a wonderful Steak Salad.

Great Workout, Great Company, Great Food and Gorgeous Weather.....

Pretty good Saturday in Santa Fe!

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