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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fed up with Flats... Fed up at the Pantry... Stocked up at Trader Joe's... Loaded Up and Biking!

Went to the Pantry on Cerillos for lunch....

Hadn't been there yet this trip and remembered it was a kind of Triple D place...

Sure enough.... that's what it looked like.

Had a breakfast plate with 2 eggs, carne adovado and pantry potatoes.

The main reason I was at the Pantry was because it was just up the road from the Broken Spoke....

Where I traded in the old Bianchi Advantage - I had dinked the rear rim pretty bad on a curb which was probably the reason I was having so many flats..... I evaluated the cost for a new rim and the labor to change it out and decided to cut my losses.....

Got $75 for a trade-in on it which was pretty close to what I had in it.

Put that toward a 2014 Jamis X 26" Mountain Bike which was on sell for $295....

Got a new sturdier rear rack put on it and swapped all the accessories and got an extra tube and was out the door for $250.

Functionally, it's a near duplicate to my Trek 3700 so something I'm used to.

I decided since a bike was my only means of transportation, I needed something that was reliable and that could handle a heavy load.....

Like hauling the latest run to Trader Joe's....

That's 3 full bags of groceries! 

Will it fit on the bike?

You betcha!

Back at the casita and unloaded.

That's what an empty refrigerator looks like.... all I had was some salad and a half a dozen eggs.

And that's a full fridge....

For protein I bought:
TJ's Turkey Meat Loaf (of course - can't live without it)
TJ's uncured turkey bacon
Sweet Basis & Pesto Smoked Chicken and Turkey Sausage
TJ's uncured corned beef
Pulled Chicken Breast in BBQ Sauce
Ground Turkey Breast
TJ's Smoked Turkey Breast Slices
Cage Free Brown Eggs
Lactose Free Skim Milk

For veggies and fruit:
Strawberries, Bananas and Fuji Apples
Red and Green Bell Peppers
Sweet Onions
Sweet Potatoes and Parships
Fresh Basil

And for treats and snacks....

A small bag of Madeleines
Bar of Ritter's Chocolate with Hazelnuts
TJ's Happy Trekking Trail Mix
TJ's Clover Honey

TJ's French Vanilla Coffee
TJ's Sea Salt
TJ's 21 Season Salute.
TJ's Balsamic Vinegar

That oughta last me a week!

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