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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to Save a Life? Easy - Drink lots of Coffee... Conquer the Monster... Eat Pork Chops and Apple Sauce like Peter!

This morning's breakfast - Leftover All In Skillet Deluxe with fresh banana and cinnamon on top!

Remember the Life You Save.....

May be Your Own!!

Never been to an All Drive Through / Walk-Up Only Starbucks.....

Big Ole Starbucks on Cerillos and St Francis with a Belly up to the Bar Barista service!

And a party on the patio!

William - Party of 1.... your table is ready!

Don't matter where it is..... there's just something about a Starbucks Cafe Americano with In the Raw Sugar, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Chocolate and Half and Half.....

That makes a day better!

Talked about this before.... and still struggle with it myself.

We all have a Monster that lives in us.

Know that.
Acknowledge that.
Deal with the Monster..
Or it will Deal with You!

Speaking of Monsters!

That's a Monster Pork Chop.... bought a package of these Mamma Jammas at Alberston's last night....

Seasoned with Meat Tenderizer, Salt and Pepper, Hot Madras Curry Powder, Cumin and TJ's 21 Season Salute last night and let it tenderize overnight.

I try to multitask so while the pork chop was porking.....
I was cutting up veggies for the Ground Turkey Breast mix.....
Added some kale to this batch.

This was a Mondo thick Pork Chop so I put 5-1/2 minutes on the first side in a smoking hot cast iron skillet.

Then mixed up the egg, sweet mustard, tabasco and balsamic for the wet mix for the ground turkey breast.

Here's the already seasoned ground turkey breast....

With the wet mix added.

And the veggies added..... who's focusing this f'er anyway?

Must be a blind man.

And the ground turkey breast mix be ready.

Put another 5-1/2 minutes on the 2nd side and added some sliced Red Delicious Apples seasoned liberally with cinnamon.

I made a nice salad with the red leaf lettuce, tomato and radishes.

Since this pork chop was so thick, I ended up cooking it another 5-1/2 mins with a lid on with some water added for steaming.

So that's a total of 16-1/2 mins of cooking in a hot cast iron skillet.

And then 5 mins to rest.

And as you can see from the cut..... it was perfectly done....

Still juicy in the middle and seared hard on the outside and flavored and seasoned perfectly throughout....

and the sauted apples would've made Peter Brady very happy.

One of my favorite episodes!

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