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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Are You Self Aware?

What is Self Awareness?

Well - how many types of self are there?

Physical?  Mental?  Emotional?  Spiritual?

Yes.... Yes.... Yes.... Yes!

I mean there have been 10's of thousands of books written on this.

And this is just 1 post in a blog read by like 8 people...

So let's keep it short, simple and maybe not so sweet.

Let's skip the Good Stuff..... Huh?

I mean let's assume you know what you're good at.... that you are aware of your strengths.

In general, most people are aware of what they're good at....

It's the stuff they're not so good at that's the problem.

That's usually where the lack of self awareness lies.... or they lie to themselves about their self awareness.

Let me ask you this.... Are you aware of your weaknesses?

Have you ever written them down and acknowledged them?

And then written out a plan / approach / steps / goals to address and correct them?

I can't tell you how many smart and capable people I've met and listened to that are absolutely clueless about many aspects of their personality, character, actions, perspectives, etc. that are potentially damaging or even destructive to their lives and every day efforts to improve them.

Let me give you an example.... I have met several smart people who literally never think they're wrong... and worse yet.... won't admit it when they are wrong.

That is a pretty glaring character flaw and an example of a total lack of self awareness.

Here's another example.... I've met several people and they're usually the highly productive, entrepreneurial, driving type that never sleep, that think so fast and move so fast that they don't take the time or allow the time for others to discuss and define problems and potential solutions.

In a few words, they don't TAKE TIME to SAVE TIME.

Then there's those people like me who are pretty Self Aware....

They realize and acknowledge their Weaknesses.....

But they just don't give a shit.

Reminds me of one of the explanations of the 3 types of people in the world.....

There's those People that Know that they Know.

There's those People that Don't Know that they Don't Know.

There's those People that Know that they Don't Know.

Which one are You?


  1. I fancy myself the know that they dont know. But sometimes I'm the don't know that I know

  2. Unknown and Unrealized Intelligence is a Potential Epiphany.