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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just can't make the Cut... BJ says eat more Carbs and Fat and drink more Water!

I took a week off from CrossFit cause I was tired and sore and disgusted with my performance.

I was consistently at the bottom of the list in every WOD.

So I came back to the Box today to see if the week off helped.

Push Press Max Reps at 60% of Training Max.

Then a 5 min AMRAP with 6 Burpees and 6 Thrusters at 135#.

1 minute rest...

Then another 5 min AMRAP with 6 Deficit Pushups and 6 Push Presses at 135#.

Once again I was at the bottom of the list with 2 Rounds + 4 reps on AMRAP #1

And 2 Rounds + 5 reps on AMRAP #2.

I just wasn't strong enough to do the reps on the Thrusters and Push Presses.

So afterwards I sat down with the Zia CrossFit owner, BJ Monger, and told him what I was eating, what I was taking for supplements,  how much I was sleeping, etc.

And in a nutshell, he said I was taking in plenty of protein, the supplements were good but try eating more carbs, more fat and drink more water.  More energy.... Better recovery.

So I came home and worked up 4 open faced sandwiches with grilled Focaccia bread coated with honey mustard with the following proteins:

2 with Sweet Basil Pesto Chicken Sausage topped with soft boiled egg
1 with Ground Turkey Breast patty topped with soft boiled egg
1 with Pork Loin

Sided with 1 small baked sweet potato and a Spring Mix Salad and a Black Toad Dark Ale.

This is a lot of great tasting and nutritious food....

BJ asked me what my goals were....

I told him.....


A balance of Strength, Agility, Endurance, Flexibility....

And I wanted to be Big,  Lean and Muscular.


Let's get back to work.

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