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Friday, February 13, 2015

Eating to Survive!

The workouts at Zia CrossFit are kind of like a Training Camp.

I don't remember being this sore and fatigued from the workouts since I was in my 20's.

I am literally doubling my intake of proteins, veggies and fruit.

Here's 2 links of sweet basil  and pesto chicken sausage, 2 slices of TJ's uncured turkey bacon, 2 eggs, 2 parsnips sliced, a banana and a double handful of organic kale.

I first sauted the sliced sausage for 3 minutes then added everything else.... the bacon is cut into 1" squares.

Last is the bacon with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon.

and there's the mix plated with 2 over medium eggs on top and a good dollop of sweet and hot mustard at the bottom.

And for supper... an open faced Daddy Burger....

A single slice of the blue corn crusted whole grain bread....
coated liberally with sweet mustard.
A thick patty of the turkey mix
1 slice of jalapeno cheese
Several slices of tomato
Topping of fresh basil.

Grande Cafe Americano after the PIYO Strength workout at Anytime Fitness.

2 thick slices of TJ's Turkey Meat Loaf
Several slices of grilled egg plant
1 yellow squash thin  sliced and grilled
A bottom of spring mix, tomatoes, carrots.
Good coating of sweet mustard
topped with red grapes.

Power Snatches
Overhead Squats X 2
Hang Snatches

Each set a single series of movements without setting the bar down.

5 sets as heavy as you can go.... See what I mean?

Then the actual WOD....

5 rounds of:
10 side squats
5 box jumps
5 power cleans with 155#.... that's a lot of weight.

Back at la casa, it's another double up on protein with a 10 oz patty of turkey and a side of the TJ's uncured corned beef with 3 slices of egg  plant on the side.

already grilled bread with a huge coating of sweet mustard.

and a thick slice of TJ's turkey bacon.

Now let's start stacking the proteins with some jalapeno cheese in between.

And a huge open faced sandwich with 4 proteins and topped with tomatoes and basil

Why am I eating like this and training so hard?

Cause I wanna be bigger and stronger tomorrow.

I want to be what others aren't.

Getting better everyday.....

That is my quest....

That is my Discovery.

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