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Friday, February 27, 2015

An Egg a Sweet Potato and warming up.... To Freezing.... and a Kickin' Chicken Sandwich!

What's for Breakfast Wills?

1 Egg
1 small Baked Sweet Potato

Season the egg with Salt and Pepper
And the Sweet Potato with Cinnamon
Mix and Enjoy.

That's about 200 calories of protein and slow release carbs that will get you started for the day!

And you might want something under your belt for a 16 degree bike ride to Anytime Fitness.'s warming up.... to 18.

What do you do with a banana, some kale, a tomato, some roasted chicken and a couple of slices of focaccia bread?

Dice the chicken and season with the African - Moroccan spice mix.

Dice the banana and season with cinnamon.

Start the kale, a few slivers of red bell pepper and a sliced jalapeno saute-ing in a smoking hot cast iron skillet.

Make room to grill the focaccia bread and add the banana.

Flip the bread, turn the veggies and banana and add the chicken.

Bread is done and keep rolling the meat, veggies and banana for another 3 minutes.

Coat the focaccia with sweet mustard and pile on the chicken, veggies and banana and top with tomato slices and side with some Thai chili paste for an added kick.

Fridge the rest of the mix for the next meal.

Geez.... Sometimes I even impress myself.

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