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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Simple Breakfast... Taking a Hike to Trader Joe's with an Ortlieb Backpacker Plus!

Want a Quick and Nutritious Breakfast?

Cube up a portion of roasted chicken breast - I bought the already roasted chicken at Smith's last night for $6.99.

Toast a small piece of whole wheat bread.
Add some honey mustard.
Slice half a tomato.
2 minute breakfast.

What's this?

It's an Ortlieb Bike Pannier (Saddlebag that fits on a rear bike rack) with an special accessory.....

A back pack rack that converts this spacious, waterproof, rugged bike pannier into a day backpack.

Check out a YouTube video I did on this system some years back!

It was a beautiful sunny day, so I decided to make the 1 mile walk down to Trader Joe's with my Ortlieb pack and pick up some groceries.

I tried to get a pic with the pack on my back but was unsuccessful.

Anyway, here's the pack I carried back crammed full of groceries.

Yes.... all this was in that pack!

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