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Monday, February 23, 2015

Holy Shit Batman - it's Cold out there! Making Leftovers... Right!

Woke up this morning to Overcast Skies and Cold Temps.

I've kind of learned how much I need to put on based on the temps....

40 and above - 1 layer
30 - 40 - 2 layers
20 - 30 - 3 layers
10 - 20 - 4 layers

This was definitely a 4 layer day!

The only thing that gets cold on days like this is my hands.... I wear these huge Snowboarding gloves but even that's not enough when my hands are exposed to the air while riding a bike....

May have to add a thin glove inside that....

Kid Rock covers so many different genres of music, you can never tell what will pop up on the Kid Rock iHeart station.

OPM for the masses?


Ok..... moving right along....

So how do you deal with leftovers?

Personally I love leftovers.... I think most food tastes better the next day because it's had time to soak in all the seasoning after having been cooked.... but there's some that get snooty about leftovers, so here's a suggestion on making your Leftovers more enjoyable.

Freshen them up with an infusion of freshly cooked vegetables and fruit.

I diced up a fresh Poblano and Jalapeno pepper and a sliver of onion and sliced up a Red Delicious apple.

I added the peppers and onions first and let them saute for at least 5 minutes keeping them turned....

Then added the apple.

Here's all the leftovers....

I diced up half of one of the pork chops I cooked last night and a half a baked sweet potato I had left and you can see the leftover veggies in the background.

Throw in the leftovers on top of the fresh stuff and cover and steam for 3 minutes....

Throw in a couple of over medium eggs....

And you've got a warm meal for a cold day!

I was so hungry I forgot to take a pic of the final product!

Suffice it to say it was Sweet and Salty and Savory and packed with protein and energy....

So that's a wrap on Paleo Leftovers!


  1. don't lie, you don't ever have leftovers, garbage disposal man

  2. don't lie, you don't ever have leftovers, garbage disposal man