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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lake Jackson Tx vs Santa Fe NM

Been wanting to do this comparison post for a while and for some reason I decided to do it on my phone while at the Second Street Brewery.

So here's some random comparisons of LJT vs SFNM....

People wipe down their mats and equipment at the gym in Santa Fe. Probably 60 - 70% of the people do. I never saw anyone wipe down a mat after sweating on it for an hour at Family Fitness. And believe me the people sweated 10 times as much at Family Fitness vs Anytime Fitness. So there's a difference.

Sticking with the gym theme. Lots of people work calves here. I can hardly get on a calf machine when I'm there...
And there's 3 of them.
Maybe it has to do with the skiing thing and these people know calf raises are the best way to strengthen your ankles. I dunno - just know it's a real thing. In Lake Jackson, you might see 1 in 50 people doing a calf exercise of any kind. And they have less developed calves.... And weaker ankles.

Needless to say, people here are skinnier than people in Lake Jackson. There's some overweight people but the majority are at a reasonable weight.

In line with this, it's taken me 2 months to find a decent buffet here. There's no Ryan's.... No Golden Corral and the one Chinese Buffet has like 6 things on it. I wouldn't even call it a buffet.

Santa Fe is definitely more bicycle friendly than Lake Jackson. I've been riding all over Santa Fe.... On designated bike paths, on small 2 way streets with on / off bike lanes, down the busiest streets, etc and have yet to have anyone honk at me, get mad at me, etc. People just drive right by you and with you and don't make a big deal about it.
You know how I feel about the rednecks down in Lake Jackson especially the ones with the big Dodge diesels that just seem to feel compelled to rev their engine right when they go by you so you get to eat a big cloud of diesel smoke. Yep - that happened all the time in LJT.

I've already talked about the weather here. It's fantastic even in winter. Clear - Cold - Low humidity. And the Snow is beautiful. I'd say you get about 10 - 20 days in Lake Jackson like I've seen nearly every day for the last 2 months.

Cost of living is a little higher but if you shop around you can get deals on furnished houses that are comparable with LJT. Houses are at least 3x LJT to buy. Gas, groceries, eating out.... Everything else is about the same.

People are nice here. No bad interactions in 2 months. People at the gym are friendly. LJT was OK but still had the snooty cliquish vibe.

Not much work here for me. Luckily I'm able to get some remote work... Back in Texas. Texas and LJT is the hands down job leader.

The CrossFit Box at Zia is more rigid on schedule, less cardio and agility intensive but they lift a lot heavier and do more Olympic movements than CrossFit WMD.... And I will likely never meet a better CrossFit trainer than Will Black. That dude knows his shit.... And CrossFit too.

There's a lot of Subarus up here... Not as many as in Montana... But 10x what they have in LJT.

I dunno.... What else?

I'll think of some more stuff and update this post tomorrow.

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