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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Can you get Bigger and Stronger at 52?

Before we even begin this little Q & A on strength and fitness at 52, let me define what I mean by "Bigger".

Bigger doesn't mean adding mass and muscle to your shoulders, arms, chest and legs while expanding your waistline.

Bigger to me means Lean Muscle Mass.

And I don't mean "Show Muscle"...... you know those that lift a lot of weight but can't get out of their own weight..... and that's not a typo or word substitution.  You know the type I mean.

No... When I say Bigger, I mean Lean, Functional Muscle.... the kind that looks good, lifts heavy and is flexible, functional and versatile....

Did I just redefine CrossFit?

Sorry.  I digress.

I don't know what I weigh here.... I haven't weighed lately.... but I'm sure it's somewhere around 175.

About 7 - 8 lbs above my lightest weight last summer.

So am I bigger now?


Am I stronger now?

Yes.  I just did 185# on bench press for 10 strict reps, 155# on bent over barbell rows for 10 reps strict and 185# for 5 reps and Overhead lunges holding a 100# plate for 20 lunges.....

The last time I tried 100# plate overhead lunges was March 2014 and I weighed 195# and couldn't do them.

Now I weigh 175 and I can lunge for 20.

Am I leaner now than I was last summer?

No.... I was a skinned rabbit last summer and I was tan and outside with my shirt off all the time and every workout I was sweating a gallon of water out of my body cause it was 95 degrees with 95% humidity.

Now I'm white and don't sweat as much because it's cold in Santa Fe NM.

But I am as big and stronger or bigger and stronger than I've ever been.... and I'm still lean..... all my serratus are showing and the vascularity still pops out on my legs.

So why all this self-analysis?

Well I like to think that all this work and good eating is going for something....

And proving something.... to myself.....

And others.

Those that think 52 is in the age of decline.....


You can get stronger and you can put on lean muscle mass in your 50's.....

And I believe in your 60's and 70's.

Is that possible?

I dunno......

I'll let you know when I get there.

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