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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tip-Toeing through a Minefield of Injuries

For those of us who dare to defy the Laws of Gravity, Common Sense and Old Age....

There will be...


It's inevitable....

No matter if you're a Runner, Cyclist, Weightlifter, Swimmer, Triathlete, CrossFit Athlete or Group Exercise Class Aficionado....

You will likely get injured in some way.

I had a pretty good run last year from March through August without an injury.

But then a lack of warmup yielded a Torn Left Pectineus muscle (groin muscle tear) in August.

And then a strained Achilles Tendon in October.

And a right knee injury (meniscus tear) in December.

And now a re-injury of the Achilles Tendon.

So whadduya do?  Give up?

No - first off - you go see a Doctor.... preferably a Specialist....

And then maybe he prescribes some Rx's and some Physical Therapy.

Hopefully, surgery is not needed.... and for the sake of this post, let's assume it's not.

The tried and proven R - I - C - E  approach is always good for the immediate time following the injury.

R - Rest
I - Ice
C- Compression
E - Elevation

Now let me throw my 2 cents worth in.

Following the doctor's visit and the X-rays / MRI's / other diagnostic methods / tools AND the determination that it is not a debilitating injury.... and that is critical..... the first Rule is DO NO MORE HARM!

Anyway.... if you've determined you're gonna live....

Find a way to keep moving WITHOUT aggravating the injury.

But keep moving....

Don't go Dead Bug....

That's where you're flat of your back with all 4 limbs stretched to the sky.....  actually that's a pretty good stretching movement.....

Don't go Couch Potato!

Find a way to exercise other parts of the body that doesn't stress the local point of injury.

For me... with the Achilles Tendon strain..... No jump roping..... No High Impact.... No Calf Raises...

But I can ride my bike fine.... I can do squats.... I can lunge.... I can do PIYO.

So I train around the injury.... eat right.... take plenty of supplements....including Protein Supplements containing L-Leucine... known to improve recovery from soft tissue injuries.

Prevention is the first line of defense against injuries..... Warm-up, Stretching, High Range of Motion Movement with just bodyweight, drinking plenty of water and electrolytes in hot, humid workout conditions....

Immediately after the injury - Seek Medical Attention, R-I-C-E.

Following the injury - listen to your body, find out how you can move / exercise and not aggravate the injury.

Nutrition - Supplements - Sleep.

Injuries are a part of seeking a higher level of fitness.

How you handle your injuries will determine how far you go.

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