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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Do You Get Your Meaning?

Meaning in Life....

Meaning of Life....

Some scoff at the notion but almost invariably their subconscious thoughts and subliminal actions betray their skepticism of that process of seeking the One Thing or Many Things that....

Give their Life Meaning.

For the sake of argument and post brevity, let's just assume that we all have the innate desire to make our lives worth something.

Let's approach this Quest for Meaning with a Questionnaire for Meaning:

  • When you look back over the last (pick a period.... 2, 5, 10, 15 years) years, what are the top 5 / best memories / events / transitions / situations / relationships / etc that you can remember?
  • What, if anything, did these events have in common?
  • Were they physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, vocational, financial, relational events?
  • Were they self or inward focused or outward focused?  Was it your success or your help in another's success that was meaningful for you?
  • Do these acts or this process of meaning spill over  / influence the rest of your life - make you better in other areas - help with your weaknesses?
  • Can you Prioritize or Identify which / if any element of Life Meaning is the most important?
  • Are there things that you can or need to change in your Life to allow you to experience more or more consistent Meaning in your Life?
Let me give you an example of what this process of searching for Life Meaning would look like for me.

There's no question in my mind that the Key Element of Life Meaning for me over the past 5 years has been the decision to put my Health and Fitness as a Top Priority in my Life.

I have discovered that the proper diet, exercise, sleep and stress management is the Key to Success in all other aspects of my life.....

I am a better Father, Worker, Time Manager and overall Happier Person when I put Personal Health and Fitness first.

That may sound egotistical and self-centered.....

But I submit and contend that the least selfish thing you can do in your life is to.....

Take Care of Yourself.

Your Health - Mental, Physical, Spiritual - is the Foundation of Your Service to Others.

Your Spouse, Your Children, Your Family, Your God, Your Country, Your Employer.... cannot benefit from your Being unless You are at Your Best!

Now...that's my take on it.

Do your own Questionnaire and your own Analysis....

Be Honest.... Be Introspective.... Be Fearless.

Take the Time to Find Your Meaning in Life....

Before it's too late.

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