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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

4 High Protein Meals!

Meal #1:  Open faced roasted chicken breast sandwich on pan-grilled focaccia bread topped with baked sweet potato seasoned with cinnamon.

Meal #2 

Same bread open faced sandwich 1 topped with ground turkey breast mix with honey mustard and tomatoes with salt and pepper and TJ's 21 Season Salute.

2nd sandwich with roasted chicken breast.

Meal #3 - an open faced sandwich with chicken breast topped with a pan grilled soft boiled egg.

Last meal of the day....

A huge mix of pan grilled kale and banana with cinnamon next to a Spring Mix Salad Mix with tomatoes, carrots and radishes topped with a 6 oz patty of ground turkey breast mix with a coating of honey mustard.

You have to have a variety of great tasting nutritious food to restore and rebuild your body better than it was before.

Mix it up and Max it out!

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