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Monday, March 2, 2015

No Man is an Island..... Losing my Balance.

It's really no big secret that I'm not a Social Person.

Those that know me know I'm a loner..... I work remotely, don't have a corporate job, am not into volunteering or church and have no close friends.... and only a small amount of family members.

And none of them are within 1000 miles of me.

And that's beginning to be a problem.

I really don't like being around people and don't seek them out but.....

I do have to have some small amount of social interaction.

And here in Santa Fe.... I have Next to Zero.

I had no close friends back in Lake Jackson but I did know a few people.... and those few people allowed me to have a few casual conversations daily.

I didn't realize how important those silly "Hey, how ya doing?"....... "How's the workouts been going?" .... "What did you think of the Voice last night?" types of conversations benefited me.

And I thought I would have developed more casual conversations in  Santa Fe by now.

That's part of the problem with relocating... you have to create a whole new Social Environment for yourself.

I don't need much.... but I do need something.

Guess that's part of the Discovery process.

Sometimes you don't know what you need until you don't have it anymore.... and then you go....

"Hey.... I miss that!".

Guess I'll have to work on it.

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