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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Making Healthy Food Taste Better! Spices and Low Cal Condiments are the Key!

I'm convinced that the main reason why people don't consistently eat healthy is because the healthy food they cook doesn't consistently taste good.

After all.... if you take out the fat and the sugar....what's left?



The key is to spice up your meats and veggies with plenty of seasoning that provides something your mind and body wants.

And when in doubt..... put a little sauce on it.....

Thai Red Chili Paste and Mustard is a good example..... make a side salsa like a pico de gallo or a chutney with mango or peach or apricot.

Everybody needs a little fat so drizzle and ounce of good quality olive oil on it..... sure it's an extra 120 calories but you can be satisfied with the fact that it's the good kind of fat!

Sprinkle some dried fruit, nuts and seeds on your favorite dish.... it's amazing how your pallet will be revived with the taste of a sweet and chewy raisin or dried cranberry and the crunch of an almond, pecan or walnut.

Nice view of the mountains in the background as I walk out of Smith's grocery on St Michaels.

Here's a good use of sweets and sauces to taste up a meal.....

Grilled bananas and baked sweet potatoes....

And then I drizzled a little Hoisin Sauce on my chicken and put a little chili paste on the side to dip into with every bite.

And then here's a dish that's almost all veggies.... only 1 link of TJ's Sweet Basil Chicken Sausage in the whole skillet.

But lots of Bell Pepper, Onion and Kale.

Add some fresh banana and already baked sweet potato accented with cinnamon to the mix.

Top it with TJ's Cranberry - Raisin Nut Mix and side it with 2 eggs over medium

This is the kind of dish designed to satisfy your pallet and make you feel great after you've finished it.

And that will keep you in the right frame of Mind and Body! 

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