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Saturday, March 14, 2015

CrossFit Open 15.3 kinda tough when you've never done a Muscle-Up or a Double Under

What can I say about 15.3?

I've never done a Muscle Up or a Double Under and I can't even do Single Unders right now with my Achilles Tendonitis.

I did practice trying to do a Muscle Up a few times and got close but opted for 7 Pull-ups, 50 Wall Balls and a 200 meter row and got 2-1/2 rounds of that.... 

So it was a good workout.

Rode down to the India House on Cerillos for a Saturday Buffet....

And then had the following for a light evening meal -

Large patty of Ground Turkey Breast Mix and a Pan-grilled sliced Baked Sweet Potato with Sweet Mustard and Thai Garlic Chili Paste and another 30g of a Chocolate Protein drink.

That's about all I got for a Saturday.

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