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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Santa Fe Hiking Group - this week's hike part 1... A little prep makes for a better experience!

Part of the fun in any outdoor experience is the preparation.

Matching what you take with you with the weather, terrain, altitude, duration of the event.

For a 4 hour hike at 10000', there's a few things I have to get together.

And I want a light but nutritious breakfast.

This is a bowl of nuts and dried fruit, fresh banana with cinnamon and a slice of TJ's Uncured Pastrami.

Salty, Sweet, Crunchy, Soft - Fruit, Nuts and Meat -

Yum Yum!

And for snacks and lunch on the trail....

How about a couple of small sandwiches with grilled kalamata olive bread and pastrami....

With Honey Mustard and a slice of tomato with a lot of seasoning.....

A bag of nuts, dried fruit and a couple of Ritter's Milk Chocolate squares and a banana round out the trail food.

Meetup of the Hiking Group.

And a carpool up Canyon Road to the Audubon Center....

And we're on the trail.... literally 5 mins from the Plaza.

To another day of beautiful terrain, beautiful weather and beautiful people.

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