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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cardio Blow-up on CrossFit Open 15.5... Another vote for SF... Another vote for Paleo!

This was the last week for the CrossFit Open workouts and this week was 15.5

Which was a 27 - 21 - 15 - 9 for time on

Calories while Rowing followed by 95# Thrusters for Men;

27 Calorie Row    27 Thrusters
21 Calorie Row    21 Thrusters
15 Calorie Row    15 Thrusters
  9 Calorie Row      9 Thrusters

This is a workout I should have excelled at....

And probably would've done better....

But I went out too fast on the first Rowing session....

And felt the effect of the Cardio Overload on a respiratory system plagued with a cold / flu / allergy condition I've had for the last 3 weeks.

No excuses.... but I wasn't at my best.

And I hit a Cardio Wall I haven't hit in a long time.... Basically I redlined in the first 5 minutes and by the time I recovered....

It was all over....

In 16:09.

Not a bad time.... but not my best.

Not the way I wanted to leave Zia CrossFit but it was the best I had for today.

I wanted a momento of my stay at ZiaCrossFit and bought one of their tanks before the workout and put it on.

Mark, one of the trainers, snapped this pic of me in one of the row sets.

I gotta say.....

I wear the shirt proud.

This is truly a great group of people at ZiaCrossFit and I will miss them.

I don't know what the future holds or if I'll be able to come back to Santa Fe....

But I know if I do....

I want to be part of the ZiaCrossFit family.

Live Long and Prosper my Friends!

I stopped at Java Joe's for a refuel after the CrossFit WOD and whilst downing a wonderful Grande Cafe Americano and a Green Chile Croissant drizzled with honey, I was looking through the paper and had to take a pic of the 7-day forecast page for Santa Fe.

Notice the humidities.... 19%, 27%, 15%, 23%, 21%.......

That is one of the main draws to Santa Fe.... Sunshine 325 days of the year.... and low humidity!

Meanwhile back at la Casa, the same ole same ole beat goes on....

A base of Spring Mix with carrots, radishes, tomatoes, drizzled with EVOO and balsamic, dusted with a spice mix of salt, pepper, cayenne, turmeric and 21 season salute, then a few red grapes and some sunflower seeds.

Where's the Beef?

Sorry.... No Beef in this dish, but I deboned another 6 oz of chicken from the Colossal  Roasted Chicken from Smith's and paired it with the last of the baked Sweet Potatoes.

And threw it in the Jethro bowl under the salad and mixed up a double portion of my Chocolate Protein mix.

A stripe of Honey Mustard on the chicken...

And it's done....

And the rebuilding is begun.

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