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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Taking it to the next level...

Hit the ground running this morning with a high energy breakfast of chili with a boiled egg on top and a Bruschetta of Kalamata Olive bread, jalapeño sausage and tomato....

Which propelled me through 2 morning classes - Fat Burner and Zumba. 

I raced home and got ready for a meeting with folks at the Turnaround Management Company. I've talked with them about work several times in the last 2 years but have never hooked up. We'll see if it happens this time. 

Listened to my new Aaron Lewis station on iHeart radio all day. 

And did 3 evening classes...

Fat Burner, Body Flow and the evening Zumba. 

That's 5 classes And nearly 4 hours of exercise today...

Never done that before... 


Made a big supper... The last of the chili, sausage on toast and 2 eggs over easy. 

Amazing what the human body can do when you give it a chance. 

See ya tomorrow. 

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