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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Continuing to Build that Body....

One Meal at a Time....

Cooking the last 8 oz of the 32 oz of T-Bone I bought and tenderized and seasoned at the beginning of the week.

I paid $8.32 for the little over 2 lbs of steak and have eaten 4 meals off of it. 

That's pretty cheap, delicious and nutritious protein. 

I de-boned and fat-trimmed this last piece so cooked it only 2-1/2 minutes on each side and a minute each side for the smaller pieces. 

Accompaniments for this meal are sweet peppers and Baby Bella mushrooms. 

As always, a slight drizzle of EVOO and a sprinkle of S&P before cooking.

You season everything that goes into a dish then you don't have to add a lot  of seasoning at the end. 

With this method, you will end up using less salt and still get that scrumptious well seasoned flavor. 

Notice the way the peppers pick up the blackening seasoning left over by the steak....

That's flavor Baby!!

Steak and Eggs?

Why not??

Again, season the eggs in the pan while they're cooking. 

Didn't yo mamma teach ya this?

Shave a little Parmesan and add some slices of tomato for color and acidity and....

There's your reward for a week well done...


Now there's a fork tender piece of steak cooked to perfection....

For $2 a serving. 

And I didn't finish this last serving so I'm gonna get 5 meals of steak heaven out of this. 

Am I good or what??

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