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Saturday, September 26, 2015

When What You Want collides with.... What You Need

You know.... there's a lot of great places to eat in Santa Fe.... and I  love to eat...

Which is a problem..... some sophisticated folks might call it a quandary.

I'll just call it what it is..... A Battle of Decisions.

This kind of decision making can drive you nuts....

Cause you want one thing....

But you need something else.

Makes me just wanna...

But life is about making good decisions...

And I made a few of those that I've stuck with in recent years.

Like moving to Santa Fe...

Which seems to have an older crowd.

And pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

Something that defies age and consensus thinking...

And that means eating the right things.

My son has listened to me bitching and moaning about my weight and the pain of my left knee....

And finally issued a....

Weight Throwdown.

and I accepted.

With a beginning weight of 176.4.

Some may say....

OMG this idiot is taking half naked selfies and posting them on his blog....

Others might say.... What's the big deal?

Still others might say - Geez this guy looks fine the way he is.

To all I say..... Pipe down and listen.

I do this blog for many reasons but one of the main reasons is to provide information and options.

And to enlighten people.

Enlightenment is different from education.

It's that Ah Ha moment when a lot of pieces and fragments of information, experience and emotion combine to form a Clear and Present Personal Understanding, Direction and Imperative.

Here is what I hope to convey in the coming days and weeks.

My goal is to drop weight from 176.4 to 170.0 in 10 days and do it while maintaining and increasing lean muscle and fitness.

What you will see is one of the key takeaways from this process.

How much difference 7 pounds of fat makes at this level.

It will change the way I look dramatically.

From fit guy walking around on the street to...

Something different.

Stay Tuned and Keep an Open Mind.

Sliced eggplant...

Sliced Seasoned Eggplant in a smoking hot cast iron skillet with NO OIL!

96% lean ground meat mix with veggies.

Flip the eggplant slices.

Add a little sweet mustard for moisture and flavor and side with a red of fresh strawberries and a green of fresh sliced jalapenos.

Add the ground meat mix on top and top with tomatoes.

Same dish but with spring mix salad and cast iron skillet grilled Anaheim peppers.

Catching up with Coffee and Lenny Kravitz this morning.

What You Want and What You Need....

Are most often 2 totally different things.

How you handle and approach the gap between the 2....

May determine your success and happiness in Life.

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