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Thursday, September 10, 2015

How to make yourself... Indestructible!

I continue to see more and more evidence that the single most important factor in Health and Happiness is what you eat....

And for most people, it's best if you don't call it a diet, even though diet means exactly that - "what you eat" as opposed to some restricted calorie temporary eating plan.

What I have always proposed is a reasonable and healthy eating plan.

Would anybody argue that the following ingredients properly and spicefully prepared will amount to healthy eating?

Red Bell Pepper
Brocolli Slaw
Fresh Basil
96% fat free grass fed ground beef
Sweet Onion
Hatch Chile Pepper
Jalapeno Pepper
Cage Free Egg
Sriracha Sauce
Balsamic Vinegar
Sweet Mustard
Soy Sauce

So what are gonna do with all this?

Well... let me show you.

Season the ground beef liberally with salt, pepper and my special mix of Garam Masala, Hot Madras Curry Powder, Cumin, Cayenne Pepper and Turmeric.

Prepare a "wet" mix of 1 egg and liberal amounts of Sriracha, Balsamic, Honey Mustard and Soy Sauce... Beat the egg and mix well.

Add to the seasoned ground beef.

Mix in thoroughly.... Why add the wet mix?

2 reasons - the 96% fat free beef is so lean.... it needs a little moisture AND 
this is the most important part.... this mix adds....


Which is important when you're eating lean and healthy....

People seem to think you can't make healthy food taste good....

To that I say....


Those people just don't know how to season food.

Note the volume of meat in the container.

To make this lean ground beef even healthier AND tastier, I'm gonna add this pile of veggies to it:

Brocolli slaw, red bell pepper, hatch chile pepper, jalapeno pepper, kale, garlic, sweet onion.

I drizzled some EVOO on the pile and then dusted it well with the same spices used on the meat.

Look what happened when I added all the veggies to the meat.  Increased the volume 3 fold.

So much that I had to switch to a bigger container.

This is critical to the success of your eating plan.

By adding the veggies to the ground meat, you increase the flavor, texture, nutrients, fiber content and volume of the protein source.

In effect, you are creating a meat and veggie dish in one!

While I was prep'g the ground meat, I baked some sweet potatoes.... these will provide a slow release starch to any protein.... 

What do I mean by "slow release"?  It means it doesn't convert to sugar quickly like some other starches like wheat-based products and regular potatoes, corn, etc.  Sudden starch to sugar synthesis is what spikes your blood sugar - then your insulin has to overcompensate to adjust your blood sugar - and you get a low blood sugar swing....

This is why you feel sleepy, lethargic and tired after eating the wrong kinds of carbs.

Sweet Potatoes don't do this.... the body converts the carbs in sweet potatoes to sugar more slowly thus negating these blood sugar - insulin swings.

Sweet Potatoes make for a sweet, tasty healthy treat or side dish anytime - sprinkle with a little cinnamon for even more flavor!

Boiled eggs is another food you should have around all the time to curb those bad carb and sweet cravings.

I contend and am continually supported by conversations with people that most people don't have enough protein in their diets.

Eggs have a nearly perfect proportion of protein, fat and carbs.... 

It is a meal in a shell.

Headed to Liz Prehm's Core, Strength and More class this morning and figured I better put a little something under the belt before I went....

This is a perfect 300 calorie get up and go get a workout meal:

1 boiled egg
1/2 small mango
Handful of dried fruit and nut mix

And it tastes great with sweet and salty and soft and crunchy!

Is eating like this a Sacrifice?

In a word - YES!!!

You are sacrificing being overweight, out of shape and dying 10 years early from heart disease.

That is My kind of Sacrifice!!!

You have a Choice....

You can be a Product of Change....

Or a Victim of Change....

Here's another way to eat healthy...

Go to Walmart and spend $89.99 + tax and get a Nutribullet.

Bring it home and stuff it full of banana, mango, kale, squash, carrot sticks, protein powder, creatine mix and a sprinkle of salt...

Give it a mix for 10 seconds....

And Bam.... High Protein, Good Carb, Good Sweet Meal in a Glass!

Let's put that lovely lean ground meat - veggie mix to the test....

With a couple of small slices of my favorite Tomato - Olive Focaccia bread from TJ's.

I know.... the bread's not Paleo but these small slices don't amount to 150 calories total and make the perfect landing strip for some sweet mustard and a split of the meat - veggie patties.

Folks - You talking about a meal that will cure what ails you!

You got everything but the kitchen sink here....

An Arugula salad (I love Arugula!) with tomatoes, carrots dressed with balsamic and EVOO and topped with diced mango and banana.

Beef - Veggie patties on top of sweet mustard smothered focaccia bread with smoked gouda on top and sided with fresh jalapeno and sweet onion....

And don't forget about that near quart of blended goodness on the top left!

That is beautiful and healthy and with the protein in the drink, packs at least 60g of protein.

That's enough to restore the body after any workout..... or even a hard day of work.

You eat like this for 2 months and I guarantee you.... 

You will feel.....


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