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Thursday, September 3, 2015

I love it when a Plan comes together!

I got the car and the back 1/3 of the trailer unloaded last night and parked MissStang and the trailer at the top of the complex.

This is the view looking from the top of the Muralla Compound - which is what this complex of 17 condos is called.

I got my cast iron skillet, dutch oven and 1 quart pot out of the boxes, on the stove and ready to rumble.

And all my spices and condiments set up for cooking.

I like the stuff I use the most right there on the counter where I will be doing my work.

This be the Health and Fitness Section!

And this be my favorite blue plate given to me by my sister-in-law for my birthday in 1999.

Yep.... I've eaten probably 80% of my meals out of this one blue platter for the last 16 years....

Talking about a Creature of Habit!

All my Kitchen Weapons in one drawer....

After the kitchen the next thing I did was clean off and organize the garage shelves.

The owner had several boxes of wood flooring laying horizontal on the shelves taking up a lot of storage space so I pulled them off, stood them up on the end and....

Voila.... lots of Void Space!

Gonna need it cause a lot of this stuff is going on those shelves!

Halfway done....

Whoa.... Can you say Empty Trailer?

Where did it all go?

Right where I wanted it to!

My son had brought a package of sausage to the dove hunting day....

We didn't eat it there but I hauled it from Waxahachie to Santa Fe and put the hammer to it.

Can you say Sausage crossing  State lines?

This is all I had left to go with it.... but tomatoes and black grapes ain't bad...

With Sausage.... Throw in a Chocolate Protein drink and you got yourself a good meal.

Got the office set up...

And all the components for my Entertainment System ready to assemble...

Which Geek Squad is gonna come and do on Saturday!  Yay!

Back to the 55" Samsung, Bose Cinemate II Sound System and Sony Playstation 3 Blue Ray player.

And the clothes and other items are comfy cozy in the huge Master Bedroom Closet.

This f'g closet could be a Master Bedroom in many homes!

Recognize this?

Yep, that's my favorite quilt that my talented sister, Diana, handmade for me many years ago.

It is one of my all time Sentimental Favorites and will be with me till the day I die.

And it goes perfectly with the Southwestern decor.

Planning ahead, labeling the contents of every box and taking it step by step proved to be the Right Thing to Do.

Which it usually is.

As Jessie Stone would say.... 

"I sense a parable coming on".

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