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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Holy Shit! Santa Fe has a Renaissance Festival too!!! Oh and one more thing.... Let them eat Crow.... I mean see Crow at the AHA Festival of Progressive Art!

One of my favorite fall events in Texas is the Texas Renaissance Festival!

But it doesn't start till October 10th.... Waaaa!  Plus I'm not even in Texas.

I'm in Santa Fe NM Dorothy!

But that's OK.... cause guess what?

Santa Fe NM has a Renaissance Fair with Spanish Flair!!

So....Whaccha waiting for Santa Fe?

Get your ass in gear and let's head to the Renaissance Fair!

Not your cup of tea?

Fine - then go check out the AHA Festival of Progressive Arts at the Santa Fe Railyard.

Praxis Coach Crow Rising has her own form of art on display there per the Praxis Facebook Post....

And let me tell you.... if this lady's art is anything like her Body Art of Tattoos... then you are in for a treat!

Cause this is one Gorgeous Lady with a Body.... and a Body of Art.... that just won't quit.

I am a huge Fan of all things Different, Unique and Beautiful....

And that pretty much sums up this lady!

Shit.... I gotta quit writing and get started on this little Discovery Saturday!

Peace Out Texas and New Mexico!!!

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