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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hey Wills - What's been happening?

Well - to tell you the truth.... it's been kinda tough.

The knee surgery, a high paced work schedule right after surgery, trying to workout following surgery, the emotional and physical challenge of cleaning out a storage room with my life in it, the 1000 mile drive across Texas and New Mexico and the unloading of a life in a 4 x 8 trailer into a condo in Santa Fe has kinda taken its toll.

Haven't been at my best physically and mentally.

But the good news is that I am here in Santa Fe and am slowly getting into a routine.

Ordered some new Red and Gray RockTape Knee Caps.

They do help hold my knee together.

A view while leaving Anytime Fitness.

Fixing a ground turkey breast patty with thin slices of baked sweet potato with cinnamon.

Combine that with a Nutribullet of Creatine and Protein with banana.

And put the turkey on a couple of slices of kalamata olive bread...

with a layer of sweet potato, a layer of tomato and garnished with Thai Chili Sauce, jalapenos and sweet onion.

One of the reasons why I opted for this condo is because it had enough storage space for all of my possessions.

Including an inset in the garage for my 2 bikes.

And MissStang!

Now here's a tasty combo for you....

Diced Banana and Sliced Sweet Potato with cinnamon.

Ground Turkey Breast patty with jack cheese.

Egg over easy.

Add some sauted kale and raw jalapeno and sweet onion....

And top off the open faced sandwiches with tomato slices.

Oh yeah..... Here's the main reason I came to Santa Fe.

If you are feeling poorly....

Mentally, Physically, Emotionally.... Whatever your problems are...

I guarantee you that you will feel better if you eat like this.

Are you a vegan?  Fine, here's a banana, kale, fuji apple and creatine mix in a Nutribullet container....

10 seconds of Nutribullet and you have the perfect meal or  snack.

Making a Trader Joe run including flowers for the table.

This is my go-to place in Santa Fe.

And MissStang looks good wherever she is!

Holy Man with No Name Batman.... is that Clint Eastwood in a Spaghetti Western?

To that I say.... a Fistful of Dollars.... and....

Hell to the Yeah!

If you think I won't come back better than ever,

You've got another thing coming!

I get knocked down....

I get up again....

You're never gonna keep me down!

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