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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Well now.... That was fun!

Well it started off good....

And we made it to the ridge where we would view the eclipse and had a nice view of the sunset.

And got to watch all phases of the eclipse...

But the return trip was a little henky....

Seems the Hiking Group Leader is a dead reckoning sort of guy that lives in the area, hikes in the area a lot and....

Doesn't carry a compass!

Huh - WTF?

Is that a case of ignorance or....


You tell me.

Anyway... yours truly knew we had hiked from west to east to get there cause the sun was going down....

And I seemed to be the only SOB in a group of 18 that had a compass.

So I kept nudging us west by southwest on the way back.

And we made it back.

Don't think I'll be going with that guy again.

Good night!

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