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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wake up America! It's time to Rock this Sunday!

Back to Paleo basics...

And this is a basic light "meal" that can be used as a preworkout boost, a between meal appetite satisfier or a late night snack.

1 boiled egg
1 small diced tomato
both of these dressed with salt and pepper
1/2 banana adorned with cinnamon

Mix, eat and be happy and healthy in the fact that you didn't cheat!

Bad Food is like Bad Company....

It poisons your mind and your body.

Holy Mother of Beautiful Food Adornment!

I want to introduce you to the Chicken Breast Mango salad at Clafouti's.

I don't think I need to say anything more.

Had to have my 90s video fix this morning so VH1'd it to Alanis Morisset and her Jagged Little Pill....

This is one incredible performer and Crazy Bitch!

Oh I'm sorry.... did I offend?

You ever seen this lady in concert?

She is possessed!  One of the reasons she is one of my favorite artists!

Yep - you're right Oz.....
Life won't wait.

It passes you by whether you are engaged in it or not.

Now that's a forecast I can live with....

Guess I need to give MissStang a bath.

But first a walk around the neighborhood...

My move to Santa Fe is slowly making itself apparent as my Second Chance at Life.

We'll see if I can fuck this one up as bad as I did the previous one.

Believe it or not, despite my intense physical activity, walking is one of the most difficult and painful things I do.

I've been trying to "condition" my knee and my mind not to limp and to build up the "walking muscles" 

Mind - Muscle - Motivation..... it's all a part of Self Help, Rehab and taking the next step.


It's easy to walk when you have the weather, climate and facilities to do it in.

While What I've Done sets the stage for What I Will Do and What I am Capable Of....

Our past is neither a Prison or a Precedent for our Future.

You decide that....

What will you do with the next minute, next hour, next day?

Will you be better tomorrow than you were today?

It's up to you.

Get up, Move, Explore, Enjoy and Challenge Your Life and Yourself!

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