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Thursday, June 25, 2015

When in Doubt..... Or in Pain..... Or just Old..... MOVE!!!!

Despite my extreme approach to nearly everything in life.... including exercise, I realize and appreciate that there are those folks out there who have neither the ability or the inclination for the approach I take.

While in Santa Fe, I have been doing most of my Group Exercise classes and individual workouts at Anytime Fitness on St Michaels Drive.

Like any other fitness center, it has a mix of people - from young to old, from novice to hard core workout aficionados to everywhere in between.

Anytime Fitness does participate in the Silver Sneakers program:

It's basically a Senior Fitness program.

And every time I'm exiting the 9:00 - 10:00 am PIYO Strength / Strength, Core and More or Dance  and Yoga Stretch classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I see the Silver Sneaker Circuit participants waiting outside to get started.

And a few times, I've looked in on the class for a few minutes.... and guess what I see.

No.... Not Dead People....

I see perfectly alive People, older People and guess what they are doing?


Stretching, Extending, Bending, Reaching, Stepping....

They are moving within their limits and capacities.

But they are there..... fighting their own fights....

For Life, Mobility and Independence.

And it inspires me.... And moves me.....

To keep moving.

Been seeing this older man accompanied by a young man at the Fitness Center lately.

It's obvious that the younger man is helping the older man with mobility and movement.

Yesterday morning, I was sitting on a bench changing into my cycling shoes for my ride home, when the young man set the older man down next to me and told him, "I'll be right back, just stay here".

I struck up a conversation with the older man, Bob.  We talked a little bit about exercise and movement and I encouraged him to just do what he could..... but just keep moving.

"If you don't do anything but stand up from this bench and sit back down again 20 times, that's better than just sitting down.... Whatever you do, just move.  It may hurt a little bit but it'll hurt more if you don't", I said.

"You're right. You've inspired me" said Bob.

Wish I had a dollar for every time I've had that conversation,.... and that response.

So, the next time you're laying there.... hurting.... try something.

Get up and.....


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