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Monday, June 1, 2015

Just Walking would be nice... Aaaah Honey Honey at the Santa Fe Railyard

Good Monday Morning to you my 10 faithful followers!

Hey....that's up from 2-1/2 so I gotta be happy about that.

Just a few quick thoughts before I jump on my bike and head to my PIYO Strength Class at Anytime Fitness.

As I've said many times before, Progress rarely comes in a straight line.

It's most often a thrust upward from a formerly plateaued position....

Usually followed by some "throwback" or return to test that former "sticking point" level.

I've made quite a bit of progress in my quest for my own Personal Ultimate Fitness Level over the last few years.

But the last 6 - 8 months has been a time of "throwback" or at least a test of my resolve to carry on.

A torn groin last August caused by a lack of warming up and then a full sprint in a Boot Camp Class, followed by a right knee injury while moving my house contents into storage, followed by a partial left Achilles tendon tear while doing heavy calf raises, followed by an as of yet undiagnosed left knee injury while descending a steep slope while hiking......

These injuries have left me in a period of resolution.... doing what I can while learning what it feels like to relearn how to....


Yeah.... The left Achilles Tendon tear and now the left knee injury have left me with a sense of great appreciation for.....


And there's a lesson there.

Despite my Vulgar Display of Power at 52, the Gods of Humility and Reason have chosen to slow me down.

For a reason.... or several reasons.

To bring my Mind and Disposition in line with my Physical Abilities?


Something to think about....

Bee Festival in Santa Fe included a free concert by Honey Honey....

Even cloudy skies are beautiful in Santa Fe.

Speaking of a Vulgar Display of Nutrition.....

How about 6 oz of well seasoned cubed chicken breast with Purple Kale, Bok Choy, diced Fuji Apple and a garnish of a slice of fresh cantaloupe....

With a Pinot Noir / Fresca spritzer with a slice of lime.

Let's make this a Week of Progress!

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