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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Trains and Bicycles.... Railrunner from Santa Fe to Albuquerque

Been wanting to do this for awhile. Take the Railrunner train from SF to ABQ.

$10 pass for the day round trip.

Got my bike settled on the train and spent the 1 hr ride talking to a 63 year old Vet names Ron who has been cycling all over the U.S. since 96.

Out of the Railrunner Depot and down Central Ave.

Ron told me about the Doghouse which I may try on the way back...

But had my eye on this place from the write up I got in an ABQ visitor's brochure.

I'll let you know how it is in the next post.

Anyway, I'm biking around and exploring Albuquerque for the day...

Kinda makes me wanna get back on the 2 wheeled road again.

Hmmm.... And I've no place to live from 7/15 - 8/31.


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