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Sunday, June 14, 2015

If you're gonna cheat... Don't do it at home!

Boy... where I could go with a title like that!

But what I'm talking about is cheating on your eating!

Or your diet or whatever you wanna call it.

The previous post presented one of the most important principles to a healthy lifestyle that I have found....

That is that you only buy and bring home healthy food.

Don't buy and bring home something that's gonna undo your best efforts.

Now let me propose another concept that the blog post title attempts to introduce.

If you're gonna cheat on your diet, DON'T DO IT AT HOME!

Plan a trip to eat out...... Think about what your body is craving..... and Go to a Place that serves a High Quality version of that indulgence.

Let me give you an example.... I try to stay away from breads and sweets as much as I can during the week but every once in a while, I want a really good pastry!

And I've found just that at the Santa Fe Baking Company.... this place is obviously been pretty well at the top of the list for several years.

And serves hands down the best dark coffee I've ever had.... they call it "Black Lightning"!

And their strudle - this is a peach and raisin version - is one off the best pastries I have ever had!

And this huge piece is only $3.

Now let me hit you with another suggestion.....

Pair your Sweet Treat with some sort of good quality Protein.

I paired my strudel with a side of pan sausage....

I even stacked a bite of strudel on top of a bite of sausage!

And it was incredible!  The sweet and gumptious texture of the strudel paired perfectly with this salty, fatty protein.

And guess what..... I didn't get that big sugar rush and subsequent "Dead Zone" as a result of an insulin overshoot to counteract the sugar.

The sausage buffered that effect and paired perfectly with the strudel in the process.

So let's see.....

I cheated on my diet.... with a high quality pastry paired with a great fatty protein washed down by 2 cups of strong, dark coffee.

Now that's my kind of cheating!

Try this little Diet Tip and see if it works for you as good as it does for me.

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