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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Talking Your Book.... A Quick Study in the Art of Self Deception

So what is Talking Your Book ..... and what is this Blog Post about?

Here's a couple of links to help out with the "Talking Your Book" definition.

Trading and Investing lingo aside, it's when a person defends their opinion, strategy or actions because they're already committed to it.

Instead of keeping an objective and balanced perspective on their plans and actions, they look for data or indications that what they are doing is correct.

I talk my book on a Paleo diet.  I wanna sell it cause I'm committed to it.  I think it's the best thing since sliced bread.... which is not part of the diet.

I talk my book about Santa Fe.  It's got its drawbacks but I'm kinda committing to it longer term so I do everything I can to cast it in a good light.

We all  talk our book  to some degree on some specific things in our life.

It's not necessarily a bad thing..... you should believe in what decisions you make.... otherwise you'd be wallowing around in a quagmire of indecision.

Hmmmm.... Wallowing around in a quagmire of indecision..... just thought of that.... gonna have to file that one for another post.

Snap.... you Wandering Mind.... back to Book Talking or Talking Your Book..... not a bad thing.... right?

Well.... it depends.

I know several people who talk their book about where they live, about their careers, about things they shouldn't be so certain about and yet they are....

Often Wrong but Never in Doubt.

Me.... I've been Wrong about So Many Things in Life, I just assume I'm wrong on nearly everything and plan accordingly.  That may sound Pessimistic but it's really a matter of Self Preservation. It keeps me from getting too excited about too many things without a lot of corroborative data.

And that's the key to avoiding the perils of Talking Your Book.

Be open and receptive to New Data!!!

Quite a concept.

And if you are someone on the receiving end of the Someone Else Talking Their Book Pitch, listen for that Key Word.....

Data and Information that is given in an organized, chronological and comprehensive way.

The bottom line is that if someone is talking their book, you won't get that.

You'll get bits and pieces of "highlights" with no down side and no contingencies or conditions.

Everything is a Slam Dunk Cinch.

Not to side with Fox TV, but Fair and Balanced is the key to avoiding the Pitfalls of Talking Your Own Book or hearing about someone else's book.

Things Change, Conditions Change, Information either Changes or it's just not there....

Which can be a problem too.  Proceeding on a Course of Action WITHOUT any information or data to lead you.

That's one of the reasons why it takes me so long to change anything.... I just don't have any overwhelming data or information that causes me to change.

So let's summarize here....

It's OK to Talk Your Book.... you gotta believe in what you're doing otherwise you'd never do anything.
Just keep and your ears and eyes and MIND open to information and opinions different from yours and evaluate that information objectively AND
Be willing to reevaluate and change your mind and direction.

Now.... you 10-1/2 loyal readers....

Which one of you is guilty of Talking Your Book?

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