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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The 80s....Non-Paleo Treats.... The Way We Were!

A Great One Hit Wonder!

Ever go into a place for 1 thing and come out with 4?

Went to Walgreens for Kinesiology Tape.... but my earbuds were shot and I  love Black Silk and this looked like a great resource for all things Exercise / Fitness / Diet and

Ever heard of  Ground Turkey Breast and Kale Skillet Gravy?

Well.... You have now.... and I only used 2 teaspoons of flour and 1 teaspoon of olive oil to make it.

And I boiled a package of brussel sprouts..... which I've been wanting for a while.

And something I haven't had in a long time....

Mashed Potatoes!!!

Holy Shit Paleo Man.....  that ain't Paleo but it looks fantastic!

And it was incredible!

Kinda the way I feel about myself right now....

But you can't focus on What Might Have Been or What You Should Be or The Way You Were.

Sometimes you have to just do the best with what ya got.

So I keep keepin' on with  keepin' on.

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