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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Random Review of the Week Part 1

2nd version of Ravioli.... this one with TJ's Chicken Pot Pie Ravioli topped with an Eggplant Hummus smeared Sourdough Toast, olives, Brie Cheese, Pepperoncini and a sweet Moscato - why?

Because I didn't have a Cabernet.

A Nutribullet with Kale, Grapes, Strawberries, Banana, Chocolate Protein Mix with Fruit Punch Creatine Mix  for the liquid....

Ready for loading.

My Santa Fe Top Hits list spotted some live music not far from la  casa....

Decided on a little Cream for the evening walk.

Kit Carson only lived to be 59 years old.... Guess that running around in the wild will do you in!

Bob Rangel and bassist at the El Meson...

Well I've seen Fire and I've seen Rain....

It's funny..... 90 degrees in Santa Fe is glorious.... shorts and short sleeved shirt...

No Sweat.

Santa Fe Plaza in the green of summer.

Looking down San Francisco one way...

Shadow Selfie shot.

And the other way.

Turned the channel to iHeart my 80s.

Let's see how that goes.

This is what I saw when I stepped out of  Anytime Fitness Thursday morning.

Gotta say.... the Santa Fe Baking Co is becoming my Go To place to eat.

A bowl of Carne Adovado and  a Tortilla and a cup of Black Lightning (with free refills... which I do) for $5.75...

That's hard to beat.

Keeping the Blood Circulating at a high rate is one of the things that promote healing and keep arthritis from progressing.

I'd say I'm getting quite a bit of blood flow to that torn left Achilles Tendon and my f'd up left knee!

Chicago and Boy George..... the 80s had a lot of different types of music.

Seemed a greater variety than today.

Might as well stop and have a smoke.

I figure if I'm gonna be crippled...  I might as well enjoy my tobacco!

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