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Monday, June 29, 2015

Dancing by Myself..... Preparing to leave Santa Fe....

My son came to Santa Fe and didn't even tell me.... That's him on the far right.

Blue Rooster put on an outdoor dance at the Santa Fe Convention Center.

And yes.... there were a lot of gay people there... Men and Women.

But it was a blast.

I must've danced for at least 3 hours.... by myself..... with about 200 other people.

What's that Billy?  What did you say?

Most of the stuff is packed.... cause I'm leaving Santa Fe.... for a while anyway.

But not before I try one of the local Asian restaurants.

Saying good bye to Anytime Fitness on St Michaels....  my main workout place for the last couple of months.

Riding back to my condo from Anytime Fitness.  Crossing Cerillos at St Francis.

Headed to the Rail Trail.

Looking back  down St Frances.

On the Rail Trail.

Somebody asked me why I was growing a beard..... and I told them....

Cause I was feeling old.

On the Rail Trail running along Railway Park.

Passing Warehouse 21.

About to cross Paseo de Peralta on the Rail Trail.

More to come.

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