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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Process Check.... 1 year later

I  realize my family members probably cringe when I post half nude pictures of myself on this blog, but there's a reason, beyond vanity and narcissism...... actually there's several reasons:

1.  Vanity and Narcissism.
2.  Check progress or lack of  progress or retracement of progress.
3.  Checking the process, i.e. the process of a Paleo Diet, varied exercise routines, supplements and recuperation.... is it working?
4.  Provide evidence that it can be done... i.e. you can be fit in your 50's.
5.  Vanity and Narcissism.

Ok, now that we got all that out of  the way, here's how this goes.

The first set of pics in the black trunks were taken on 06/09/14 at a weight of 171.0 lbs....

This 2nd set of pics was taken this morning at a weight of 172.0 lbs.... considering I probably have a pound of extra hair in these pics, let's call the weight pretty even.

Not exactly the same poses or lighting but close enough.

So what does this year over year comparison tell me?

Well, despite a lot of challenges, changes, stresses, distractions and injuries, I have succeeded in at least maintaining a relatively lean and muscular physique from age 51 to 52 (I'll be 53 in 3 weeks).

So where from here?

Just keep doing what I'm doing.....

Paleo Diet.
Supplements - Protein, Creatine, Multi-Vitamin / Minerals, Fish Oil, Glucosamine - Chondroitin - MSM, Amino Acids - L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine
Regular and Varied Exercise:
  • Yoga / :Pilates / Stretching
  • Active / Myofascial release -
  • Cycling
  • Select non-dynamic motion Weight Exercise - Wide Grip Chins, Squats, Deadlifts, Thrusters, Lunges, Bench Press, Push Press, One legged Squats, Calf Raises
Recuperative Sleep of at least 8 hours per night.

Can I keep this up forever?

Don't know.... Forever is a long time....

Check in with me next year.

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