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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

PRP, NSAIDs, Cortisone and Ice.... Oh My! Will Humpty Dumpty ever go back together again?

Sometimes this blog is about Health, Nutrition and Exercise....

Sometimes it's about Dealing with Injuries....


Because that's what's on my mind.... and this is my Blog.... and I'll talk about what I want to.

So there.

All childish impudence aside.... there's something to be learned here.

Whether it's from a "Don't do what I do" or a "Do what I do" or "Learn from somebody who's been through it" standpoint.

Bottom line is I'm almost 53 years old and have been battling the effects of a degenerative arthritic left knee for at least 25 years now.

It's not like any of the exercise is doing it any worse.... on the contrary, based on my experience in times of no activity vs intense activity, it is the activity that keeps this 70 year old knee in a 52 year old body functioning at a relatively high level.

So, what's the status of my  injuries and what am I doing about it?

Well, I have a 30 - 40% torn  left Achilles Tendon.... I received some physical therapy on it when I was in Lake Jackson, most of  it being active release using Graston instruments and technique.  For more info....

I am also doing "negative calf raise" modality or eccentric load exercises to strengthen and improve circulation to the damaged tendon.

Finally, I researched and had performed a Platelet Rich Therapy injection to the specific damaged areas of the Achilles tendon:

I have to say I was skeptical.... and the jury is still out.... but I can definitely say that 10 days after receiving the treatment, my Achilles Tendon definitely has less pain and is stronger.  Whether that will last and continue to improve I have no idea.  But for now, it seems to have helped.

The big problem recently has been a stabbing left pain on the inside of my left knee following a steep descent on a hike about a month ago.

I saw an orthopedic surgeon at the Christus St Vincent Orthopedics Center this morning.

After I related the history of my knee and my recent pain and issues, the good doctor came up with the same conclusion I had come to.

The arthritic growth of bone on the inside of the knee was putting a strain on the "sliding" of the 3 muscle / tendon complex on the inside of the knee - Sartorius muscle, gracilis tendon and semitendinosus tendon - thus causing the pain and inflammation.

His recommendation - not  much you can do about the arthritis or the bone growth in response to it.

Try to reduce swelling and inflammation of the joint thus reducing the strain on the tendons on the inside of the knee.

How?  He drained 30cc of fluid from the knee and shot it full of cortisone.

And switched my Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug from one I had been on for a while - Dicloflenac - to OTC Aleve - what I had used for years before I started the RX NSAIDs.

And ice it twice a day for a couple of days.

Will this help?  Probably.... it has in the past.

It's all about tending to a chronic condition to maintain activity which suppresses further arthritic degeneration.

Will I lose this battle at some point?

Do people die at some point?

Yes and Yes.

My goal is to delay the battle till the end of the war.

Get it?

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